Malaysia has a diverse growing economy and enjoys current political stability, making Malaysia an interesting business destination.

To take advantage of this the Malaysia Global Business Forum holds several industry focused events throughout the year. Some upcoming events include Creative Industries, Healthcare & Medical Tourism, Food Security, Oil & Gas, Islamic Tourism, Seed Production & Trade, Urban Development & Sustainable Transport.

Take advantage of our extensive network at the Malaysia Global Business Forum where we facilitates several country specific forums and business matching sessions, traditionally held in conjunction with visiting high level or ministerial delegations to the country.

“Economies of Creativity”

23rd – 25th April, 2014

We have been able to create Economies of Scale now we must create “Economies of Creativity”.  The Creative Industries in Asia are estimated to be worth Billions to the global economy every year, this is set to increase as the economies of Asia develop.  The Malaysia Global Business Forum is working together with CUTOUT Magazine in Malaysia to bring all the stakeholders together to chart the development of the industry in ASIA especially in ASEAN and Malaysia.


Food Security – Sustainable Investment & Trade Development

24th - 26th June, 2014

The Malaysia Global Business Forum will partner with the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum to organise this important event.  This Forum will focus on the important need for food security, investment understanding, trade development and the future of political security in countries that are currently major food importers.  Opportunities for investors and trade partners will be highlighted during this forum with a strong focus on closed door meetings for investors with food security projects. (more)

The Sarawak Blue Ocean

13th& 14th August, 2014

The Malaysia Global Business Forum “The Sarawak Blue Ocean”, will explore the multiple opportunities the largest state in Malaysia has, focusing especially on renewable energy and food security.  Key opportunities are available in Halal Food production in the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub which is the largest in Malaysia and fast becoming the model for green field food security development.  The second is taking advantage of the vast amounts of renewable energy created by Sarawak’s hydropower projects. (more)

Medical Tourism & Healthcare

12th & 13th December, 2014 

The Next Malaysia Global Business Forum program will focus on the growing sector of Medical Tourism & Healthcare.  Malaysia has grown as a player in this market primary thanks to the leading healthcare provider in the country, KPJ Healthcare Berhad which is the main sponsor of the event.  For more information please check out following link (more)