The father of an autistic child whom Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ruled against urged senators not to confirm him


There is going to be a candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square on Thursday night to show ‘solidarity’ with London attack victims


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Trump’s former campaign chairman denies involvement in Russian hacks


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The FBI’s investigation into Trump and Russia coincided with game-changing, Russia-related events on the campaign trail


Irish PM points out that St. Patrick was an immigrant while standing next to Trump


Twitter has shut down its office in Berlin


‘They ought to be careful’: Trump raises eyebrows with heavy promotion of Exxon announcement


Snapchat is tanking for the first time since its IPO


Arnold Schwarzenegger is leaving ‘The Apprentice’ because of the show’s ‘baggage’


Snapchat is still rallying — here’s how long it takes on average for a hot IPO to crash