We know that time is important, it so often happens that we don’t have time to do the things that will make a long term sustainable impact on the good of the organisation. In a recent study 63% of C-Suites stated that they didn’t feel that they had enough time to develop medium to long term strategies that would benefit the organisation.

We understand that the problem is time, so we have developed a range of services to will enable you to save time. Since the first MGBF in 2009, we have developed considerable expertise and a network that can be best utilized at the C-Suites levels to assist you we call it “Strategic Business Development”.


C-Suite Services 

The Malaysia Global Business Forum offers a wide range of services to CEO’s and C-Level Executives on an ongoing basis. The services include the following:

  • Stakeholder Management & Engagement (Government & Private Sector)
  • Media Strategy & Roll-out
  • Crisis Management
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Arrangement of C-Level Meetings
  • Translation & Translator Services
  • Body Guard & VIP Escort

C-Suites During MGBF Meetings and Conferences 

During the Malaysia Global Business Forum Meetings & Conferences days “C-Suite Services” are focused on ensuring that those taking the VIP & C-Suite Packages meet with the VIP’s and decision makers of that event, usually in the following formats:

  • Closed Door Meetings
  • VIP Power Breakfasts, Lunches or Dinners
  • Off Site Meetings

To ensure ongoing business continuity a detailed report will be provided:

Up-Coming Programs of Interest 

Food Security: 29th & 30th March 2016 What are the current trends that are effecting investment into food production? Currently, the general population look to governments to ensure a stable supply of food but it will still come down to individual companies to research, commercialize, grow, produce, pack, distribute and market enough food to the population, it is in the context of this value chain we need to explore opportunities.  In the investment driven global food chain it is the joint responsibility of the government and the organisations to attract the required investments to ensure food security which is also profitable.

Green Economy: 2016 – How will what happened in Paris effect your future business? As the “Green Economy” continues to grow what are the strategic direction, how will this create opportunities for your organisation as both an investors and innovators to make profit and to improve the way we live and work.  Key trends like reducing carbon footprints which were just a few years ago were only heard of on the fringes of industry have now become common place in discussion in the board room and on the street. Now organizations and individuals are looking for the next big thing that will drive the economy, this has created investment opportunities for those who can get access to the latest innovations and green technologies. Follow this link to find out more about the next C-Suites Closed Door Meeting. 

Fees & Payment

Your suits are tailor-made so too should your business solutions contact us today.


The next Malaysia Global Business Forum “Shaping Business Green – Driving Investment” is hosted by KETTHA and co-Hosted by the Green Tech Corp Malaysia.  Co-Located at IGEM which is the regions biggest green technology exhibition. Currently, the Forum also has support from the Australian Malaysia Business Council (MABC)

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