Dato’ Jessie Yow

Dato’ Jessie Yow was born in the 1970’s in Kuala Lumpur.  Coming from humble beginnings born into a family of 7 siblings she was driven by the simple passion to create a better life for herself, her family and ultimately to provide a comfortable life for her parents. Working very hard since her time in

Women’s Lifestyle Editor to Help Brands Connect

Here’s what we've found, in brief: Women feel vastly under served. Despite the remarkable strides in market power and social position that they have made in the past century, they still appear to be undervalued in the marketplace and underestimated in the workplace. They have too many demands on their time and constantly juggle conflicting

Lily Ma

Lily Ma is the General Manager of X1R Global Sdn Bhd a driven professional with business acumen of leading businesses to improve revenue and increase client base. Track records of being able to lead small and medium size businesses through turnarounds and continuous growth. Innovative professional with more than 16 years of progressive marketing and management