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Why Sarawak?

I bet, the title above is the most popular question we get when we say that we are doing something in Sarawak. It's either that, or we get the 'Uhh??", or "Where again?" or the infamous look which says that the person doesn't know what or where is Sarawak. Well, that's the beauty of Sarawak to

Amazing Future Tech in Cars at CES

  Reuters The was a time when the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was not about cars. But if you were a visitor at this year’s event, you wouldn’t have known it. Car manufacturers flooded the program with current and future technology, all pointing to an automotive industry transformed by new ideas, from cars that will

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Reach Energy shortlists 4 candidates

KeTTHA to Host next MGBF

Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia (KeTTHA) has confirmed that they will host the next edition of the Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF).  Themed "Shaping Business Green - Driving Investment" this year's program will have a strong business and investment matching component coupled with a panel session of industry leaders and a key note

Announcement – MGBF “Shaping Business Green – Driving Investment”

The next edition of the Malaysia Global Business Forum will be themed “Shaping Business Green – Driving Investment” this one day event will be held on the 11th of September in KLCC Convention Centre. Hosted by Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water or KeTTHA and Co-Hosted by Green Tech Corp Malaysia the Forum will

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C-Suites Services

C-Suite Services  The Malaysia Global Business Forum offers a wide range of services to CEO's and C-Level Executives on an ongoing basis. The services include the following: Stakeholder Management & Engagement (Government & Private Sector) Media Strategy & Roll-out Crisis Management Strategic Business Development Arrangement of C-Level Meetings Translation & Translator Services Body Guard &

BORNEO POST Online – Upcoming Malaysia-Arab business forum to enhance economic ties between countries

KUALA LUMPUR: The upcoming Malaysia Global Business Forum-Strategic Partners-Malaysia and The Arab World, is set to discuss on ways to bring economic ties between the two nations to new heights. The conference will look at the various business opportunities that the Arab world has for Malaysians and how structural changes in some of the Arab governments