Business Trip Assist

BUSINESS TRIP ASSIST Malaysia is a lucrative and important market especially in the context of ASEAN and the wider Asia markets. There are many trade shows hosted in Malaysia on a weekly basis, in some of the nicest venues in the region. The largest challenge with any trade show is to ensure that you get to

Supply Chain & Investment into Food Production

  The three mega global trends of population growth, demand created by the economic shift of Millions out of poverty and the volatility of the environment have set the stage for a new era in global food security. This is changing how companies and countries invest into food production. What affects will the Trans Pacific

LED Lighting Malaysia’s Cutting Edge in Middle East

A delegation of comprising of Malaysia’s leading LED manufactures and lighting experts will participate in the Light Middle East, which is being held between the 6 to 8 October in Dubai. Malaysia has long done business in Middle Eastern markets, while the LED lighting sector is a relatively new export sector for Malaysian companies, other