Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology Proved Hair Follicles Rejuvenation in 4 Weeks

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 November 2023 – One of the leading causes of hair loss is an oily scalp; excessive secretion makes the scalp greasy and blocks hair follicles, leading to hair loss. To solve this problem, BodyAid’s recently launched Japanese-made “Ginger Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo” and “Protein Repair Conditioner.” These products are produced using high-tech “fluid extraction technology” to retain the active ingredients of ginger, which can enhance hair follicle rejuvenation in four weeks.

BodyAid launches Ginger Anti-hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner Products
BodyAid launches Ginger Anti-hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner Products

BodyAid ginger anti-hair loss shampoo uses ginger as the main ingredient, which can effectively solve the problem of hair loss and thinning hair. BodyAid uses advanced technology to extract fresh ginger grains to improve the growth environment of hair follicles, strengthen hair roots, promote blood circulation in the scalp, and cultivate healthy, strong, and thick hair.

BodyAid ginger anti-hair loss shampoo has five precious nourishing ingredients (zingiber officinale extracts, platycladus orientalis extracts, zingiber officinale extracts, rehmaninnia chinensis extracts, ligustrum lucidum extracts, and glycyrrhiza uralensis extracts) to prevent hair loss and make hair thicker. BodyAid shampoo and conditioner products do not contain harmful ingredients and can effectively cleanse the scalp. People with fragile hair can also use it.

BodyAid products use advanced supercritical fluid extraction technology at low temperatures and high pressures. This process retains ginger’s active ingredients, promoting blood circulation in the scalp, reducing hair loss, and strengthening hair follicle and root growth.

BodyAid conducted detailed research, and the results showed that more than 90% of users feel that their hair became thicker after using the products for four to five weeks. (*Report from Tenka Media Limited @4 Weekly Shampoo and Conditioner Survey 2022.9)

BodyAid protein repair conditioner is specially designed for hair repair. It can allow protein and other nutrients to penetrate the hair, provide nutrients, deeply moisturize, and strengthen the hair. BodyAid Protein Repair Conditioner has three precious ingredients (hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and cetyl alcohol) and eight additive-free ingredients, which can moisturize dull hair.

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