At 7CAFÉ+, collaboration knows no limits. 7CAFÉ+ is thrilled to announce the grand opening of the brand-new 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store in Central Market. It’s time to embrace the summer vibes and “Get Creative. Get Active. Get Greener Coffee” at this one-of-a-kind, limited-time concept store that combines fun, flavour and style in the heart of Hong Kong.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 June 2023 – Ever since its debut last year, 7CAFÉ+, an own brand concept from 7-Eleven, has been surprising everyone with its fresh new look and the amazing array of innovative and great value products. Such tempting treats include Frappe Cool, Freshly Brewed Coffee, and on-the-go snacks like Croffles and Eggettes. Customers are loving it! 7CAFÉ+ is now taking it to the next level and thinking outside the box to bring customers something extra special. This summer, they’re teaming up with popular South African sports sock brand, VERSUS, to open an exclusive pop-up store in Central Market – a dynamic destination for entertainment and leisure. Alongside an unmissable selection of all-new speciality drinks, this exciting new store concept is also bringing you some stylish sports socks to help you lead a happier, healthier and more fashion-forward lifestyle!

Boost Your Wellbeing at the New 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store in Central Market  Introducing Exclusive Specialty Coffee, Coconut Water Specialty Drinks, Freshly Made Smoothies and The First Limited Edition 7-Eleven x VERSUS Sport Socks

To bring its message “Get Creative. Get Active. Get Greener Coffee” to life, 7CAFÉ+ has partnered with trendy South African sports sock brand VERSUS to create three exclusive designs of 7-Eleven x VERSUS Limited Edition Sport Socks. Each of the three designs features a different brand combining elements from 7-Eleven, 7CAFÉ or 7-SELECT respectively to add a touch of fun to your workout and ensure you perform in comfort and style!

But that’s not all! The 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store is taking creativity to new heights with a brand-new, store-exclusive range of healthier and innovative offerings such as Specialty Coffee, Coconut Water Specialty Drinks and Freshly Made Smoothies. Must-try recommendations include the Coconut Americano, Peach & Passionfruit Coconut Water and Avocado Soy Smoothie. Prepare yourself for a summer full of surprises and refreshing new flavours!

The 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store in Central Market officially opens on 21 June. So, make a date and head down with your friends this summer. Grab a cup of 7CAFÉ+ and slip on some 7-Eleven x VERSUS limited-edition sports socks! It’s the perfect combo to boost your wellbeing and step up your game with an extra dose of style.

7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-Up Store at Central Market: New Store Exclusive Product Details
[Pop-up Store Exclusive] Specialty Coffee Drinks ($28 each) – We’ve taken three healthy and refreshing beverages – coconut water, soy milk and black coffee – and crafted an all-new and captivating blend of flavours with this trio of mesmerising two-tone layered creations. They’re a treat for your eyes and your taste buds. The Coconut Americano combines the sweetness of coconut water with the bold aromatic richness of Americano from 7CAFÉ. It’s a refreshing harmony of flavours that will keep you energised this summer. Next up, the Pineapple Coconut Americano features a tangy twist of pineapple, giving it an extra burst of fruity goodness. And finally, the Purple Potato Soy Latte combines the creamy taste of purple sweet potato with soy milk and coffee – a velvety smooth symphony of flavours that’ll leave you craving for more with every sip.

These innovative speciality coffee drinks not only taste amazing, they look great too. Their eye-catching two-tone layered effect makes them perfect for capturing that Instagram-worthy shot. So, get ready to sip and snap some mouth-watering photos!

[Pop-up Store Exclusive] Coconut Water Specialty Drinks ($28 each) – Beat the heat with this refreshing trio, which will tickle your taste buds and keep you cool. They’re made with nutrient-rich Thai coconut water and infused with a variety of flavourful fruit purees. Customers have three tempting flavour options to choose from: Passionfruit & Peach, Pineapple, and Cucumber & Lime. With their sweet and slightly tangy taste, these drinks will not only quench your thirst, but they’ll also replenish electrolytes and provide much-needed hydration. They’re an absolute must-have for staying cool and revitalised in the scorching summer heat, especially after a workout. Even if you’re not into coffee, 7CAFÉ+ has got you covered and is here to give you a whole new taste sensation to awaken the senses

[Pop-up Store Exclusive] Freshly Made Smoothies ($35 each) – 7CAFÉ+ brings you three all-new healthy smoothies made with fresh fruit that bring a refreshing burst of sweetness with every sip! The Avocado Soy Smoothie and Blueberry Soy Smoothie combine the creamy richness of avocado or blueberry pulp with silky smooth soy milk, delivering a velvety texture that’s simply irresistible. And for a truly refreshing experience, the Red Dragon Fruit & Lychee Soy Smoothie blends the crisp sweetness of dragon fruit with fragrant lychee, creating a delightful burst of fresh flavours that will keep you cool all summer long.

[Pop-up Store Exclusive] Freshly Brewed Single Origin Coffee (Hot $23/Iced $25) – At 7CAFÉ+, we’re continuing to up our coffee game! We exclusively use 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Arabica coffee beans to bring you convenient, good-quality, freshly brewed coffee. But now, our new store has something even more extraordinary to offer. We’ve carefully selected the highest grade G1 Mandheling coffee beans, sourced from a single origin in Sumatra, Indonesia. These beans not only have the prestigious Rainforest Alliance certification but also undergo a meticulous process of wet washing and medium roasting. This special process ensures that the beans retain their natural flavours while imparting a unique aroma of sweet caramel. With these coffee beans, we have created a variety of super single origin coffee drinks using our special golden ratio formula. Each cup showcases the captivating charm of single origin beans, delivering a coffee experience like no other.

7-Eleven x VERSUS Limited Edition Sport Socks ($117/pair) – Each of the three sports sock designs showcases a different brand – 7-Eleven, 7CAFÉ or 7-SELECT – and includes unique elements and motifs to bring the brands’ distinctive personalities to life. The 7-Eleven design features our vibrant and iconic brand colours of red, green, and orange in a variety of bold and dynamic patterns, creating a lively look that will definitely get you noticed! The 7CAFÉ design features soft green tones with various plant patterns, showing our commitment to protecting the environment according to our “Good Coffee. Now Greener” pledge. The 7-SELECT stylish blue, grey and black striped design is decorated with motifs of popular 7-SELECT products, symbolising how 7-SELECT is always there for you with tasty treats 24/7.

This trio of exclusive sport socks proudly made in South Africa, have moisture-wicking abilities to keep your feet dry and comfortable during running and exercise. They also provide complete arch support, seamless toe design, and cushioning. These functional features promote good blood circulation, prevent friction and blisters, and protect your feet from intense impact. So, you’re free to take on any sports challenge with confidence and the peace of mind that your feet are well protected.

Starting today, at the 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store in Central Market, you’re in for a treat! Spend $20 or more on any of our delicious made-to-order drinks or freshly prepared food items, and you’ll unlock this exclusive offer – for just $97, you can score yourself a pair of 7-Eleven x VERSUS Limited Edition Sport Socks (any style). These socks are not only stylish but also engineered for peak performance, empowering you to embrace a vibrant and active lifestyle with flair.

Double the Fun Limited-Time Promotions at the new 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store*
Enjoy double the rewards and double the fun at the 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store in Central Market!

Promotion 1: From now until 4 July, customers can enjoy a freshly made fruit smoothie for the special price of just $30! It’s the perfect way to stay cool and refreshed during the hot Hong Kong weather.

Promotion 2: From 5 to 18 July, when you buy any 7CAFÉ+ drink at our Central Market pop-up store, you’ll get a $3 discount! Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer and visit 7CAFÉ+VERSUS to enjoy an innovative experience full of flavour and fun!

*Promotions are only valid at the 7CAFÉ+VERSUS Pop-up Store in Central Market and cannot be combined with other offers. Limited quantity available, while stocks last. Prices may change without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the prices at the individual store will be final. Product images are for reference only. 7-Eleven reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters related to these promotions.

7CAFÉ+VERSUS Central Market Pop-Up Store Information
Address: Shop G15A, Ground Floor, Central Market (80 Des Voeux Road Central and 93 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong)

Opening Date: 21 June 2023

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Hashtag: #7ElevenHK #7CAFÉplusVERSUS #7CAFÉ #VERSUS #CentralMarket #GetCreative #GetActive #GetGreenerCoffee

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About 7CAFÉ+

7CAFÉ+, the brand-new concept from 7CAFÉ, is here to add extra excitement to your day! Its fresh new look and innovative yet great value menu will delight and surprise your taste buds. Signature items include its Freshly Brewed Coffee, Frappe Cool series, Bubble Tea, Iced Shaken Tea and more, plus grab-and-go treats such as Croffles, Eggettes, Red Bean Taiyaki and other exciting items all at amazingly affordable prices. Also available are an awesome array of baked goods that will have you wanting for more. Head down to your nearest 7CAFÉ+ to experience new flavours and extra excitement!


VERSUS Socks was founded in 2015 in South Africa by two passionate young entrepreneurs, Hanno Lategan and Jurgens Uys. Their mission is to provide comfortable and stylish sports socks for everyone. Through relentless testing and continuous innovation, VERSUS has perfected its products and introduced multiple new versions. To date, they have sold over 1 million pairs and offer an impressive range of over 1,000 different designs. VERSUS has expanded its brand presence from South Africa to a global scale. Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner, or a sports enthusiast, VERSUS Socks is here to equip you for every challenge you take on.


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