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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 September 2023 – CaptureTM Hong Kong, a leading service provider of analogue media digitisation, is excited to announce the launch of its latest service: Slide Digitisation. This new offering allows customers to preserve their cherished slides, ensuring that precious memories captured on film are safeguarded for future generations.

Preserving History and Inspiring Moments
Slides have a rich history that spans several decades, playing a significant role in preserving and sharing colour images. Originating in the mid-19th century, slides quickly became popular with Kodak’s introduction of the legendary Kodachrome slide film in 1935. In Hong Kong alone, Capture.HK estimates millions of slides in Hong Kong alone still waiting to be digitised.

Slides serve a multitude of purposes and found significant utility in preserving and documenting family, company or an organisation’s history, ensuring that legacies are passed down through generations. They provide stable colour and vibrant saturation, often used for print magazines and journalism. Slides also found extensive application in presentations for educational and corporate environments. Moreover, slides play a significant role in photography exhibitions, captivating audiences with their ability to showcase vivid imagery and artistry when projected through the famed “Carousel” projector. Hobbyists around the world cheered in 2017 when Kodak Alaris revived the slide film Ektachrome for consumer and cinematic use because of it is fine grain and surreal colour saturation.

Sharing Timeless Moments
Capture.HK brings joy to customers by digitising and preserving timeless moments, allowing them to share these precious memories with others. The process of digitisation offers a unique opportunity to revive and relive cherished moments for both corporations and consumers.

“King Fook is soon celebrating our 75th anniversary. This is a huge milestone for a company that is a part of the fabric of Hong Kong. It was so important to uncover our rich archive of historical artefacts with the help of Capture.HK.” Says Paulette Sum, CEO at King Fook Holdings Limited. “We had years of memories stored of chronicling major company events. Many of our images are slides of precious jewellery from over 50 years ago that we know our customer still cherish to this day.”

One satisfied customer, David Nesbitt of the Nesbitt Centre, shared his experience with Capture.HK’s Slide Digitisation service. “I had a collection of slides documenting my family’s and Hong Kong’s history such as Kai Tak Airport, Jumbo Floating Restaurant, but they were fading away. I decided to digitise them with Capture.HK, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team captured the essence of each slide, preserving the vibrant colours and intricate details. Now, I can easily share these memories with my loved ones through Google Photos.”

Capture.HK offers a Comprehensive Solution for Slide Digitisation and Other Analogue Media
Capture.HK’s Slide Digitisation service accepts various formats, including 35mm, Super 35mm, 110, 126, 127, 127 Superslide and 120/220 Medium Format. Each slide is meticulously digitised at a remarkable 12-megapixel resolution. As a comprehensive memories preservation solution, Capture.HK can also digitise other analogue media such as photographs, photo albums, videotape and digital media.

To celebrate the launch of the Slide Digitisation service, Capture.HK is offering a limited-time discount offer until the end of this year. Regularly priced at HK$6 per slide, the promotional price is 50% off at HK$3 per slide. Furthermore, Capture.HK is thrilled to introduce a free trial service, allowing customers to experience the quality and convenience of the digitisation process. The free trial includes the digitisation of 10 slides, accompanied by a digital upload (exclusively to Google Photos).

From now until 20th October 2023, customers of Capture.HK can simply schedule an appointment to experience the free trial.

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Capture Limited

Capture.HK is the leading analogue media digitisation service provider in Hong Kong. We digitise analogue media (photo albums, photographs, videotapes, digital media like USB Flash Drive, Compact Flash, DVD, etc) and slides, using our proprietary technology. Capture.HK is the only service that saves memories directly to Google Photos through secure Google authentication. In the USA, we have cooperated with Fujifilm, Google and retail giants like Walmart and Costco, to help more than 12 million families and organisations to safeguard their memories.


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