SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 14 January 2022 – The funeral industry is currently undergoing a revamp helmed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in consultation with the Association of Funeral Directors (AFD) to improve the standards of funeral services in Singapore. Following a series of incidents within the industry that have highlighted questionable hygiene practices of some operators, new guidelines and tighter restrictions have been put in place, with the embalming process taking much of the spotlight.

Licensed funeral parlours with embalming facilities will now have to abide by stricter requirements. This includes mandating all embalmers working on the premises to be registered with NEA, attend a basic infection control course conducted by the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, and have carried out embalming procedures on at least 25 bodies in Singapore, under the supervision of a registered professional. In line with this development in the industry, a CaseTrust-accredited funeral service provider, Casket Fairprice, has utilised this momentum to further improve its in-house embalming facility and capability.

Casket Fairprice is dedicated to constantly improving its service quality and standard in order to provide a dignified and respectful journey for the departed. Its revamped embalming facility features a clean, brightly lit and serene environment for the departed to rest in and an industrial-grade air cleaner to ensure the safety and health of the team. Full privacy will be maintained during the embalming process through restricted access to the facility out of respect for the departed.

The embalming process entails more than just “make-up”. It is the art and science of preserving the body of the deceased for a certain period of time, and it is usually carried out to make the deceased suitable for casket-viewing during the wake ceremony. As such, in addition to revamping its embalming facilities, Casket Fairprice places great importance in assigning this “heart-work” to individuals who are committed to serving with passion, care and respect for the departed and their grieving families.

John Soh, the professionally certified in-house embalmer at Casket Fairprice who has more than 20 years of embalming experience under his belt, is currently guiding and mentoring the next generation of embalmers. The skills he has acquired through years of experience in embalming is being passed down to the new batch of embalming trainees. Walter Chan, who has completed his training, is now a newly minted assistant embalmer. Under John’s tutelage, Walter has become an NEA-certified embalmer and is continuously learning advanced embalming techniques from his mentor. There is never an end to the learning process in embalming, as there are always new insights and experiences to be gained throughout an embalmer’s career.

Through utmost care, respect and professionalism, Casket Fairprice strives to provide quality funeral service every family needs and deserves. This can be observed from its revamped embalming facility as well as its dedication in training a new generation of embalmers. This one-stop funeral services company believes that the new guidelines and requirements will help to improve industry standards and provide better quality funeral services for grieving families.

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About Casket Fairprice:

Casket Fairprice is a reliable funeral service provider and undertaker in Singapore that has grown steadily since its establishment in 1993, to stand as one of Singapore’s leading funeral service groups. With well-equipped funeral parlours, professional funeral directors and other extensive casket services, Casket Fairprice is a one-stop solution to fulfil all of your funeral needs.  


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