SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 10 June 2023 – In June 2023, CoinW’s philanthropic mission perseveres in Taiwan. “CoinW Official” and “CoinW Taiwan,” in association with the Pepe Chinese community, Pudgy Penguins, Dogewow, Floki, and other elite animal-themed NFT and MEME initiatives, organized a Stray Animals Charity Week. Under the theme of “PETS ARE FAMILY,” the CoinW Taiwan team, representatives from Taiwan’s blockchain institutions, authoritative blockchain media outlets, and prominent project participants, along with influential KOLs, took on the role of Web3 Ambassadors of Love. Together, they ventured to the Taoyuan Animal Protection and Education Park, contributing US$1,000 worth of essential animal feed and supplies to the park’s stray cats and dogs.

These Web3 Ambassadors of Love urge empathy for displaced animals, advocating for adoption over purchase.

With the intent to inspire acts of kindness and care for stray animals, CoinW Taiwan extended invitations to several industry representatives to participate in this donation drive. The aim was to leverage their fame and influence to encourage more kind-hearted individuals to join this love-filled endeavor, extending their love to the strays.

Web3 Ambassador of Love, Duo Ruo Yu (CEO and Co-founder of Hooky.Fi, and Vice Chairman of Taiwan Blockchain University Alliance, TBA), shared, “Although the duration of this charity event was merely a few hours, it profoundly reminded us: No life is destined for vagrancy. If you love them, don’t abandon them! We hope that even our modest contribution can make the world a better place.”

TBA Chairman Peng Shao Fu also expressed, “The charity donation event spearheaded by CoinW is extremely meaningful. Through this initiative, the philosophy of ‘Caring for life, treating animals kindly’ has reached a broader audience, helping more tiny lives avoid displacement and contributing to a civilized and harmonious living environment. We hope that through our influence, we can encourage more people to engage in societal philanthropy.”

The founder of BlockGang Labs, ZhouYongyou, Crypto City, the blockchain media outlet, Web3 Influencer Xiao Bi’er, the founder of Blockchain Journal, Marx, and other Web3 Ambassadors of Love, underscored the importance of caring for stray animals. They advocated adoption over purchase, discouraged abandonment and wanton cruelty, and urged an end to straying through acts of love. They envisage a world where every creature is tenderly nurtured and equitably treated.

The beneficiary of this donation drive is the Taoyuan City Animal Protection Promotion Association. The association was established to aid and improve the welfare of homeless stray dogs and cats housed in shelters. Currently, its primary members are volunteers from the Xiwu Cat Shelter and dog volunteers. The park houses approximately 1,150 dogs and cats. By 2022, the association had organized over 304 adoption events and successfully placed more than 3,073 cats into loving homes.

CoinW continues its global philanthropic journey, never forgetting its original aspirations.

Over the six years since its inception, CoinW has remained true to its roots, persisting in its philanthropic endeavors while perfecting its own products, and actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility through actions. Reportedly, this charity event is the third in a series of public welfare activities in 2023, following a visit to the Shanghai Bao’en Temple in January and donations to stray animal rescue organizations in Turkey, Malaysia, and India in March. CoinW aims to collaborate with more industry partners and charitable organizations globally, providing support to more animal shelters and jointly fostering a harmonious environment of coexistence between humans and pets.

The head of CoinW Global Philanthropy expressed that CoinW continues to uphold a steadfast sense of responsibility and a mission to give back to society, actively initiating charitable acts in multiple countries and regions such as Asia and Africa. These acts of love and charity are ongoing and sustainable. CoinW will further extend its animal care programs in the future, actively practicing corporate social responsibility, exerting a positive influence, constantly innovating activity content, assisting stray animals in diversified ways, and encouraging and guiding users to actively participate. They aim to spread the concept of love and charity, contributing their own strength to the cause.

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