SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 20 December 2023 – Founded in 2014, Cosdent Dental Clinic (Cosdent) is a beacon of innovation in the dental sector with Managing Director Sansern Kiattivejsoonthorn spearheading its growth. A product of four generations of dental expertise, Cosdent seamlessly merges tradition with modernity. Within a mere two years during the pandemic, the company’s unique blend of high-quality services and behavioral research led to the establishment of a flagship prototype store and a vast clientele. Cosdent’s inspiring ethos eventually led the company to attain the prestigious Inspirational Brand Award and Sansern to be crowned a Master Entrepreneur at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2023 Thailand.

Cosdent’s brand is a harmonious blend of advanced technology and heartfelt customer care. Its commitment to excellence is further demonstrated in accolades like the 2022 International Innovation Awards and a staggering 70% growth from referrals. The company’s primary audience comprises young adults to working professionals, including celebrities and influencers. These individuals resonate with Cosdent’s values of seeking quality and authenticity in their dental care.

The company’s transformation journey has set it apart from traditional dental clinics, introducing a unique model of patient interaction. Instead of conventional dental consultations, patients now eagerly schedule “smile design” sessions. This shift in behavior underscores Cosdent’s success in conveying its distinct value proposition. The company’s unwavering patient loyalty, even during challenging times, further cements its inspiring brand identity.

Cosdent’s success narrative revolves around its revolutionary patient experience. The company’s innovative approach has birthed two flagship branches, with patients specifically seeking their unique smile design services. Cosdent’s resilience shone during the pandemic, with patients making significant efforts to visit Cosdent. Its astounding 80% growth rate is a testament to its effective branding and the trust that the company has cultivated among its clientele.

Managing Director Sansern has redefined dental healthcare through his unique blend of design, architecture, and technology. Under Sansern’s leadership, Cosdent has emerged as a pioneer in the dental healthcare industry, advocating the transformative power of a healthy smile coupled with sustainable practices. The company has marked significant milestones such as the introduction of its innovative dental scaling technology, ‘COSDENT THE NEW AIRFLOW NO PAIN’. Cosdent’s focus lies in creating value beyond discounts and weaving smile design into the fabric of its culture.

Cosdent’s vision is clear: to set new standards in dental care. The company’s expansion strategy emphasizes innovation and societal contribution. The company’s focus on tailoring innovations for the Thai populace ensures accessibility and relevance. Strategic partnerships and network expansion are also on the horizon for Cosdent. The company’s recognition at the APEA is a nod to its strategic prowess, with plans for branch expansion and a stronger foothold in cosmetic dentistry. At its core, Cosdent’s mission is to offer a transformative experience, culminating in radiant smiles.

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