Disinfecting, Charging and Watching Clips at the Same Moment


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 26 April 2021 – Supported by an exclusive node of production having more than 3,000 headcounts, doublEE has been launching their first masterpiece, Casee. Its story started in the early 2020, when the needs for disinfection surged to all-time highs. “We had to roll out something different,” said Mr. Keith Wu, the General Manager of doublEE. “Though many UV disinfectors were available, after trying them twice people were often going back to wipes and ethanol. I think it’s due to their monotonous use and clumpy looks.”

The One that Nails It

Disinfection: Safer and more effective than ever, there are a total of 10 UV LEDs in the optimally-curved chamber, 5 on the ceiling and 5 at the base, ensuring a thorough, multi-sided action against all kinds of viruses and microbial cells. Casee takes special care of the potential UV leakage, by a sturdy interlock, a sensor and a circuit breaker on the lid.

Adjustable wireless charging panel: Casee could be the first case to place the wireless charging coil outside the chamber. The size of electronic devices which undergo wireless charging is no longer restricted by the chamber size. While charging you can enjoy your clips or send instant messages.

One-hand control: Hinges of every movable part of Casee are specially made, making the opening and closing of the lid, placing and removing items, adjusting the panel and pressing the switch, are all possible to carry out using only one hand.

Elegance: As a warm and inclusive solution, Casee has a minimalistic, edgeless design with a trendy semi-reflective finishing.

We now have Teal Blue and City Yellow for you.

We are rolling out Casee, so stay tuned for details:


Kickstarter Super Early Bird:

HKD449 /USD58 (Original Price: HKD599/USD78)

Kickstarter Launch Date :

28th April, 2021

About doublEE

A Hong Kong-based startup created with a sense of doubling the enchantment, ease, excellence, and elegance. In the 2020’s doublEE keeps striving to move people’s way of life beyond by sharing our products, along with our values, with all who believe the source of coziness and the origin of inspiration can emerge anytime, anywhere we feel homeful.

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