Adopting Frozen Technology to Preserve Deliciousness ; Bringing Georgian Flavours to Feast Diners

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 12 December 2023 – Located in Kwun Tong, Joan’s Kitchen (its e-commerce brand is well known as “Passion’s Delight”) is a characteristic local private restaurant in Hong Kong specialising in Georgian-flavored cuisine, offering authentic Cantonese dishes and nourishing soups that combine flavours and convenience. Joan’s Kitchen focuses on researching and adopting frozen food technology. In addition to welcoming dine-in customers, it also collaborates with professional suppliers of high-temperature-resistant food packaging materials to provide a variety of convenient frozen dishes for takeout customers. The mission of Joan’s Kitchen is to allow people to enjoy top-quality flavours without compromising on taste and nutrition; even in their busy work schedules, the feast is just a bag away.

Joan’s Kitchen: Refining Classic Homestyle Cantonese Cuisine with Heartfelt Creativity

A wealth of ingenuity and heartfelt dedication lies behind the convenient food. Each meal, designed for convenience, is crafted with meticulous care and passion

Joan’s Kitchen strongly emphasises healthy and convenient food, which is why they have delved into the research of frozen food technology. Besides the commonly seen frozen soups in the market, they have exclusively developed and offered frozen Lamb Casserole, Catering Services, and Festive Basin Feasts. Joan’s Kitchen also provides free delivery services for orders that meet the minimum purchase requirement, allowing customers to enjoy unique and delicious dishes anytime, anywhere. Joan’s Kitchen strictly adheres to government food safety regulations and conducts multiple tests to ensure the quality and safety of its food and packaging materials. These tests include assessing the impact of high-temperature resistant materials and long-term frozen storage on the taste and texture of the food. Furthermore, they collaborate with licensed environmentally-friendly material suppliers, utilising high-quality eco-friendly packaging boxes and bags to guarantee that they not only provide superior food but also prioritise dietary health and environmental conservation.

Founded for friendly gatherings, supported by the Chief Chef with a touch of Georgian artistry, private cooking workshops highlighting the rich heritage of Cantonese cuisine

Joan and her friends co-founded “Joan’s Kitchen” in 2016. As fellows who share a passion for delicacies, they originally intended to create a cosy restaurant to gather with friends and enjoy lovely meals and conversations. It is located in an industrial building with a tranquil ambience while still being close to the bustling city centre and easily accessible for sourcing fresh ingredients. Their exceptional Chief Chef, “Sang Gor”, once worked at renowned restaurants such as Lei Garden and North Garden Restaurant, is also a culinary instructor at the Macau University of Science and Technology. With three decades of extensive experience in traditional Cantonese cuisine, Sang Gor skillfully blended conventional Cantonese cuisine and Georgian culinary style. He also frequently demonstrates his culinary expertise personally in private cooking workshops hosted in Joan’s Kitchen, where guests can learn hands-on cooking experiences by immersing themselves in cosy vibes.

Joan, the founder of Joan’s Kitchen, states, “Our guiding principle is to prioritise quality over quantity. The Head Chef, Sang Gor, personally participates in ingredient selection and supervision to ensure the sourcing and cooking standards. We aim to become a pioneer and innovator in healthy and convenient dining in Hong Kong. And we are committed to developing and providing quality frozen food and diverse private dishes. Our culinary team never ceases to explore, innovate, and improve our dishes and products. Joan’s Kitchen believes that healthy eating should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we insist on offering a wide selection at reasonable prices to set an example in the F&B industry and promote healthy eating. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals. Through our products and services, we aspire to bring convenience, health, and delectable dining experiences to our customers. Undoubtedly, food has the power to bring happiness and joy to people, and we strive to make that pleasure reachable to everyone effortlessly.”

Joan’s Kitchen’s frozen food and private dishes have received widespread acclaim. The ingredients are carefully selected and do not contain any artificial colours, preservatives, or MSG. The soups and dishes are known for their rich flavours, balanced nutrition, and convenient preparation, making them highly popular among busy urbanites. The team at Joan’s Kitchen will continue to devote themselves to providing more fresh and creative dining options to meet the ever-changing needs of different customers.

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About Joan’s Kitchen

Joan’s Kitchen is a restaurant that promotes balanced meals and is renowned for providing healthy and convenient dining options. Their homonymic e-commerce brand, offering frozen soup and catering delicacies, is loved by customers for its rich flavours, balanced nutrition, and convenience. Chief Chef “Sang Gor” has extensive culinary experience and has become a leading figure in Hong Kong Georgian cuisine. The mission of Joan’s Kitchen is to present customers with delicious meals in their busy lives while offering high-quality frozen food and private dishes.

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