Lifebuoy’s ‘Highlympics’ features Shanti Pereira, Tyen Rasif and Mongchin Yeoh, empowering Singaporeans to better protect their health

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 5 March 2024 – Lifebuoy, the world’s number one leading hygiene soap brand, today announced the ‘Highlympics’, a challenge and initiative focusing on preventive health. In collaboration with Doctor Anywhere (DA), the ‘Highlympics’ campaign offers fully subsidised health screenings.

Lifebuoy Unveils 'Highlympics', Advocating Preventive Health and Offering Fully Subsidised Health Screenings in Partnership with Doctor Anywhere

This initiative comes at a crucial time in light of findings from a Lifebuoy – DA preventive health survey which revealed that a staggering 60% of respondents had not undergone any health screenings in the past 12 months. In fact, the prevalence of high blood cholesterol among Singapore residents has been on the rise, marking an increase from the statistics recorded in 20173.

Addressing this, the primary goal is to encourage consumers, especially the younger demographic, to foster a proactive mindset towards preventive health and health screenings. The campaign also emphasises that despite a healthy outward appearance, underlying issues may persist due to factors such as diet, stress, and lifestyle choices.
Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash
Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash

Empowering Everyone to Better Protect Their Health

To ensure accessibility, Lifebuoy has introduced a convenient method: consumers can scan a QR code sticker found on Lifebuoy’s body wash bottles to register for their fully subsidised health screening through the Doctor Anywhere platform.

“We aim to make a positive and lasting contribution to the holistic well-being for everyone, advocating for preventive health. With our rich history in germ protection, we are proud to work with Doctor Anywhere to cultivate a proactive mindset that prioritises prevention over cure,” said Poh Khim Yin, Global Lead for Lifebuoy.

“Our collaboration with Lifebuoy underscores our commitment to safeguarding the nation’s health. Through initiatives such as these, we aim to actively address chronic diseases through health screenings, and to empower individuals with knowledge on how to actively manage their health and well-being,” said Lim Wai Mun, Founder & CEO, Doctor Anywhere.

'Highlympics' competitors – Shanti Pereira, Tyen Rasif and Mongchin Yeoh
‘Highlympics’ competitors – Shanti Pereira, Tyen Rasif and Mongchin Yeoh

Introducing The ‘Highlympics’

The Lifebuoy ‘Highlympics’ features prominent participants such as record-breaking national sprinter Shanti Pereira, fitness coach and singer-songwriter Tyen Rasif, and beauty and lifestyle content creator Mongchin Yeoh, better known as Mongabong. The campaign explores the four crucial ‘highs’ – high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the often-overlooked ‘high-giene’.


The trio of participants engaged in a friendly competition to determine the one with the lowest risk across the three ‘highs’. In addition, they also vied for the best reading in the innovative ‘high-giene’ category, utilising a germ detecting scanner to assess microbial presence on their palms, emphasising the importance of optimal hand hygiene in daily life.

Lifebuoy is present in 11% of households in Singapore and is the sixth most chosen brand in the world[1], available in over 100 countries. Since 2010, Lifebuoy has impacted over one billion people across 30 countries by collaborating with NGOs and governments to drive positive change through its large-scale behaviour change programs, which instil positive habits.[2]

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Lifebuoy is the world’s number one hygiene soap brand, sold in over 100 countries. Through the Lifebuoy brand, we aim to make a difference by creating quality, affordable products and promoting healthy hygiene habits. Since 2010, we have reached over 1 billion people through our handwashing programs.

Since the launch of the Lifebuoy brand in 1894, we have supported people in their quest for better personal hygiene. The classic red bar of soap and its distinctive medicated carbolic scent was synonymous with cleanliness throughout the twentieth century. Today, the brand is so much more. With its many soap variants and specially designed body washes. These, along with the range of liquid hand washes and hand hygiene gel, ensure daily hygiene and freshness for the entire family. For more information, please visit:

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Doctor Anywhere, a tech-led healthcare company, is committed to providing comprehensive care that encompasses primary care, specialist care, telehealth, preventive health, and wellness solutions. Their focus is on enhancing healthcare accessibility, improving health outcomes, and delivering a personalised, borderless, and inclusive healthcare experience.

Founded as a telemedicine platform in 2017 and one of Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies today, Doctor Anywhere has expanded to become a regional healthcare provider, serving more than 2.5 million users in six Southeast Asian countries. For further details, please visit


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