• Discover exclusive enclaves, including premier shop-in-shop, where brands seamlessly integrate captivating digital content alongside their products. Highlights include the first-ever The House of Suntory Boutique, along with offerings from Hennessy, Penfolds, and Pernod Ricard.
  • Experience innovative zones with the First-Ever Interactive Wine Sommelier for food pairing recommendations.
  • Experience Toni, the Makr Shakr robotic bartender, crafting exquisite cocktails with precision and synchronised flair.
  • Travellers can refresh and recharge both themselves and their devices at the Upper Deck Lifestyle Lounge, seamlessly blending relaxation and convenience.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 26 January 2024 – With the recent grand reopening of its Terminal 3 Departure Central Duplex Store, LOTTE DUTY FREE Singapore officially unveils the complete launch of all its 19 stores at Changi Airport, ushering in a new era of innovation and luxury in travel retail. Anticipate an array of novel experiences at this reimagined store, featuring cutting-edge elements and exclusive offerings, ensuring discerning travellers encounter an unparalleled shopping expedition.

LOTTE DUTY FREE Redefines Luxury Travel Retail at Changi Airport Terminal 3 with Exclusive Shop-in-Shop and Innovative Digital Experiences - Travellers Now Have a Haven to Recharge and Relax
Lotte Duty Free Terminal 3 Departure Central Duplex Store

The store’s towering presence is an unmissable highlight within the voluminous heart of Terminal 3’s transit area. Its all-glass façade provides a sweeping view of Lotte’s diverse offerings and thoughtfully designed spaces, visible from a distance. Further enhancing the store’s stature, the 8-metre LED media wall dazzles, inviting travellers into its dynamic retail environment – a seamless addition to Changi Airport’s vibrancy.

Premier Boutiques Redefining Travel Retail at Terminal 3
The Terminal 3 Departure Central Duplex Store proudly unveils the world’s first The House of Suntory shop-in-shop boutique, taking inspiration from Suntory’s unique embodiment of the Japanese art and culture. The space will feature a wide selection of premium spirits, including the limited-edition centennial release of Hibiki 21-year-old and region’s first Toki Whisky launch. Rooted in founder Shinjiro Torii’s dream to enrich lives, The House of Suntory represents a sanctuary of artisans crafting worldclass spirits inspired by Japanese nature and elevated by Japanese craftmanship. Challenging market conventions with Shinjiro’s spirit of Yatte Minahare, translating to an uncompromising can-do attitude, The House of Suntory embodies Japanese craftsmanship and a commitment to dream big. Today, a new chapter has opened with the debut of the House’s first shop-in-shop boutique concept.

LOTTE DUTY FREE Singapore adds a touch of sophistication with the opening of the Hennessy Shop-in-Shop, epitomising a seamless collaboration between these iconic brands. Inspired by Hennessy’s savoir-faire, the display’s curved, airy lines reminisce the oak staves worked by copper craftsmen, a skill passed down for centuries. This sculptural structure not only signifies Hennessy’s craftsmanship but also integrates digital innovation at the forefront of activation. The result is a unique product assortment that showcases Hennessy’s legacy of excellence, pushing the boundaries of tradition and technology.

Penfolds Shop-in-Shop introduces a symphony of cutting-edge digital experiences, featuring a revolutionary 3D screen, a state-of-the-art digital sommelier, and personalized interactions. At the heart of this technological marvel is the inaugural Penfolds 3D screen, immersing patrons in a captivating visual odyssey exclusively crafted for the Lotte T3 store. The immersive video content enhances the ‘Venture Beyond’ experience, which reflects Penfolds’ fearless approach to uncovering hidden realms in winemaking, collaborating with Australian artist Mikaela Stafford to bring this underwater territory to life. In celebration of the store’s opening, Penfolds unveils a thematic gondola showcasing the 2023 gift collection, inspired by the mysteries of the deep sea.

The Pernod Ricard Shop-in-Shop introduces a cross-category boutique, the first of its kind at Changi Airport, presenting an array of both Blended Scotch and Single Malts, catering to the diverse tastes of travelers. This unique offering reflects dedication to enhancing the retail landscape at Changi Airport by providing a shopping experience that seamlessly blends innovation and exclusivity. The translucent LED screen displays serve as a canvas for brand expression, captivating travelers’ attention from a distance.

Singapore’s Premier Interactive Wine Sommelier Experience

On the upper deck, the LOTTE experiential zone unveils a groundbreaking and unparalleled service in Singapore—the Interactive Wine Sommelier. Utilising state-of-the-art transparent LED touch screens, this revolutionary tool transforms the wine selection process, delivering an immersive and personalised experience. Catered to each traveller’s taste, it pioneers the provision of interactive suggestions based on individual food and dietary preferences, allowing for the selection of the perfect bottle to suit any palate.

Escape the Travel Bustle and Unwind in the Tranquil Haven of The Lifestyle Lounge
The Lifestyle Lounge on the upper deck offers a serene retreat, allowing travellers to recharge themselves and their electronic devices peacefully. From the upper veranda, they can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area while savouring cocktails mixed by Toni, the Makr Shakr robotic bartender. Since the introduction of Toni at the Terminal 2 Duplex Store, he has delighted countless customers with his precise, synchronised movements, and exquisite cocktails concoctions.

Ribbon Cutting at Lotte Duty Free Terminal 3 Departure Central Duplex Store. From left: Ms. Xu Ya Hui (SG Guest Celeb), Ms. Lim Peck Hoon (Changi Airport Group EVP), Mr. Kim Ju Nam (Lotte Duty Free Global CEO), Mr. Lee Seow Hiang (Changi Airport Group CEO), Mr. Lee Jun Ho (Korean Guest Celeb)
Ribbon Cutting at Lotte Duty Free Terminal 3 Departure Central Duplex Store. From left: Ms. Xu Ya Hui (SG Guest Celeb), Ms. Lim Peck Hoon (Changi Airport Group EVP), Mr. Kim Ju Nam (Lotte Duty Free Global CEO), Mr. Lee Seow Hiang (Changi Airport Group CEO), Mr. Lee Jun Ho (Korean Guest Celeb)

“With LOTTE DUTY FREE’s Terminal 3 Central Duplex store now a new landmark at Changi Airport, we are proud to continue setting global benchmarks in travel retail.” Said Mr. Kim Ju Nam, Global CEO of LOTTE DUTY FREE. “This new store serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to curate a world-class shopping environment, meticulously designed to cater to the refined preferences of discerning travellers, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.”

“Changi Airport is proud to witness the transformation brought about by LOTTE DUTY FREE’s Terminal 3 Central Duplex store,” said Ms. Lim Peck Hoon, Changi Airport Group’s Executive Vice President, Commercial. “This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to elevating the passenger experience, offering a seamless blend of world-class retail and innovative services in Changi Airport. The result is a space designed to surpass the expectations of our discerning travellers, contributing to the vibrancy and sophistication of Changi’s commercial landscape.”

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With a 44-year legacy, LOTTE DUTY FREE stands as Korea’s premier duty-free shop, having solidified its reputation in the industry.

As a globally expanding travel retail brand with a presence in 21 locations across 7 countries, complemented by an accessible online platform, LOTTE DUTY FREE ensures convenience anytime, anywhere.

LOTTE DUTY FREE Singapore, a proud member of the global LOTTE DUTY FREE brand, has been catering to travelers at Changi Airport since June 2020. Boasting an extensive array of premium spirits, wines, and luxury goods, the retailer is committed to enhancing the travel shopping experience for its discerning patrons. LOTTE DUTY FREE has served customers for 44 years, cementing its position as Korea’s representative duty-free shop. As a travel retail brand that has grown globally with 21 locations in 7 countries, with an online website, LOTTE DUTY FREE is accessible anytime, anywhere.


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