SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 21 December 2023 – MOPI, a leading pallet stretch film supplier, proudly announces the release of its latest groundbreaking product – Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film – that will be available for public purchase in the 1st quarter of 2024. The product is a revolutionary edition of its petroleum-based stretch film, widely regarded as one of the most efficient forms of packaging, so much so that MOPI sold over 2000 tonnes of it in 2023.

Crafted with the environment in mind, Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film is manufactured from at least 30% recycled plastic, which reduces its ecological footprint as a whole. However, consumers do not have to worry about quality and performance being compromised as the product features cutting-edge technology – nanotechnology – that enables it to be thinner compared to a regular stretch film, in addition to possessing more strength, durability, and stretchability. This allows Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film to be suitable to hold and safeguard a wide range of goods.

Since Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film still largely consists of petroleum-based plastic, it is not the best product to alleviate the plastic pollution crisis that Singapore and many other countries are currently dealing with. The solution for the most non-polluting stretch film is one that is mainly composed of bioplastic, a polymer produced from natural or renewable resources, such as corn starch, sugar cane, and even seaweed, to name a few.

Unfortunately, bioplastic manufacturing is extremely challenging due to a number of factors, namely a lack of raw resources and technical limitations. Furthermore, bioplastic is produced at a much smaller scale in contrast to conventional plastic, making it less profitable and lacking the incentive for expansion. Nevertheless, bioplastic is predicted to be more readily available in the years to come as technology advances and the demand for it increases, in turn reducing its production costs.

Therefore, as bioplastic may not be an economically viable material at present, Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film serves as an improvement from its traditional counterpart in terms of sustainability and brings consumers one step closer to embracing environmentally friendly practices.

Boasting over 40 years of experience serving industries from Automotive and Building and Construction to Electronics, MOPI is the pioneer in providing high-quality packaging materials in Singapore, including stretch film wraps, adhesive tapes, and glues and sealants. As the company continues to evolve, it looks forward to meeting the changing demands of consumers, with the addition of Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film to its lineup representing the company’s commitment to innovation and progress in environmental sustainability.

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MOPI Announces The Launch Of Hunter NanoPac Stretch Film


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