Start Your Spring Taste Exploration in the Brand New Ginza-Style Dining Mall


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 1 February 2021 – “Park Aura · Tin Hau”, the new landmark for feasting, opened in Tin Hau Food Square at the end of 2020. This brand-new Ginza-style dining mall infuses vitality to this area where the new meets the old. “Park Aura” introduces both local and international dishes to the Food Loft — a spot with multinational choices of fine restaurants, turning Tin Hau Food Square into a more desirable place for food hunting. Park Aura featured special home-made food stores and light meals. Come to join the one-stop dining experience with us during this festive season of Chinese New Year and to celebrate and welcome the spring.


Customers can enjoy various cuisines at the Food Loft, as well as purchase high-quality and fresh ingredients, including Yuen Long Lou Mei, Japanese hand-made Ramen, and healthy veggie soup dumplings at the Feast Market located on the 2nd floor. Even during days where you are busy, you can still enjoy the ease of making your own food at home.

Food Loft with International Choices

Located on the ground floor and the 1st floor, there are 14 food and beverage outlets in the Food Loft, which mostly specialize in take-away food. The Food Loft not only offers light snacks and KOI delicacies, but also has its own local hand-made, high-quality bottled snacks. The food is ready to be eaten without any additives and catered to your taste during this festive season.

In order to provide a better user experience, Park Aura has developed and launched its own mobile application to provide customers with one-stop takeaway and self-pickup ordering services, allowing them to enjoy food more conveniently and quickly.

Arirang hot dog sticks, invented by a popular street food in South Korea, with its signature “Fried Evil Whisked Cheese Hot Dog”, coupled with multiple alternative choices of sauces, lingers around your tongue forever! Deli Sauerkraut Fish comes with a light version. Even if you are eating alone, you can still enjoy the Szechwan taste! Hidden in a quiet corner of the busy mall, Caffé Kenon provides a limited number of seats, specializing in fine Italian coffee and cakes, which makes it a good place for coffee lovers to enjoy their peace of mind. There are also soft and tender Japanese-styled crepes, glutinous rice dumplings that dessert lovers will fall for, signature Kung Fung Oolong Milk Tea with Boba, Snow Mountain Vanilla Pancake with Protein, Caramel Baumkuchen delivered from Japan, Warabi Cake etc. Park Aura is a gourmet tour that will surprise your taste buds.

Feast Market — A Boutique Collection of International Cuisines as Your New Year Gifts to Families & Friends

In the festive season of spring, Feast Market, located on the 2nd floor, has various collections of special Chinese New Year gift boxes. There is a dazzling batch of fresh ingredients and international cuisines here. Local artisan ice-cream, high-quality French cuisine, vacuum-packing Sashimi, organic ingredients, and zero-hormone frozen meat can all be found here. If you are on a specific diet, you can stop by the various food sections designed for customers with different diet habits, including a ketogenic diet counter, healthy and organic greens.

Feast Market brings along a one-stop trendy food experience. Without having to travel overseas during the festive season, you are still able to enjoy the fun of cooking and savour the international cuisines from different parts of the world at home with your beloved ones.

Selected foods include, Jing Sheng House, Hong Kong-styled Home-made Sautéed Lemon with Orange Peel Rock Sugar (HK$ 188), stewed for 14 — 16 hours, perfect for parties during festivals and promotes throat health. If you want to experience the romanticism of France, you can choose Foie Gras Sauce (HK $165), Hand-Shredded Duck Meat Sauce (HK$ 75). We would highly recommend you to try the XO-Sauce Shrimp Clam and Vermicelli. The fragrant XO sauce, alongside fresh and juicy shrimp and clam meat, is nice to eat with or without rice. It is the perfect healthy choice for busy people . Daniel’s Kitchen offers frozen big bowl feast (HK$ 498), after heating, it restores the original taste of Big Bowl Feast. From 1 Feb to 14 Feb, you can enjoy a discount of HK$ 20 for every purchase above HK$ 300.


Chef Republic with a Stunning 270° Victoria Harbour View


The multifunctional kitchen and venue on the 22nd floor is open for rentals. It is an ideal venue for  private functions and events. Apart from a great venue for the talented chefs and cooking lovers to show off their skills, it is also a beautiful place for hosting different cooking activities and business events. Guests not only can observe the cooking demonstration from a close distance, but also able to feel the busy cooking atmosphere in the kitchen. Chef Republic has a good collection of the best branded cooking utensils and kitchen equipment. making the process of cooking becomes an art. At Chef Republic, you can enjoy a feast of vision and taste!

Park Aura:

54 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Appendix 1:Food Loft*


Unicube (G/F Pop-Up Store)


Expert of Georgian wine. It serves a variety of products, including cheese, sparkling red wine, white wine, and dried seafood. Every sip is combined with the feelings of the new year.


Chinese New Year promotion:


Georgian Ceramic Wine Set (HK$1,188)

Arirang Hot Dog (G/F Shop 1)


Popular Korean hotdog chain. There are 8 different types of hotdog sticks–4 different hotdog sausages and 4 different cheese flavors.


Chewy Cheese and Potato Hotdog (HK$ 34)


Korean BBQ Toast (HK$ 44)


Chinese New Year promotion:


Get a free Rice Cake Sausage Stick by buying the 4 Hotdogs package (HK$ 120) & 1 or more Burnt Toast (HK$ 38 – HK$42)

Chumchummi (G/F Shop 2)

Specializes in Korean meals. The signature soy sauce crab with braised ribs rice has a rich texture and a delicious flavor of crab paste.


Signature Soy Sauce Crab (HK$ 260)


Choose Korean female swimming crab with fat and rich crab yellow. After cutting, the crab cream is full, rich, and delicious. The crabmeat is creamy, salty and sweet, rich in gum, and it will definitely make you have endless aftertastes.


Chinese New Year promotion :


1.     Tasty Fish Sauce Package (HK$ 198)

2.     “Five Blessings” Package (HK$ 188)

Caffé Kenon (G/F Shop 3)


“Organic & Natural” are the key themes for this Italian café. It specializes in light food and cake. There are various choices of coffee, all with a sweet flavor. This is the perfect spot for Café fans to spend time during the holidays.


Mushroom Risotto (HK$68)

Tak Lei Sauerkraut Fish (G/F Shop 5)


Spicy Sauerkraut Fish (HK$ 88)


Boiled Beef (HK$ 88)


Spicy Sheet Jelly (HK$ 32)


Chinese New Year Set:


1.     Sauerkraut Fish + Steamed Chicken with Sand Ginger Powder (HK$ 238)


2.     Top shell slices in abalone sauce + Jelly Fish + Celery Slice (HK$ 88)


3.     Trotter (HK$ 108)

Kung Fu Tea (G/F Shop 6)


Innovatively replacing sugar with honey, which perfectly fuses into the scent of Chinese tea. A wide range of specialties are waiting for you.


Kung Fu Tea Signature 38 Boba (HK$ 26)


Taro Pudding Milk Tea (HK$ 36)


Chinese New Year promotion:


Get one scratcher for purchases above HK$ 20 to win a chance for different types of discounts.

Sweet Smile (G/F Shop 7)

Popular crepes and pancakes are waiting for you. 

Chinese New Year promotion:

Buy 2 or more products, you can apply HK$10 cash coupon.

Save Your Life Hong Kong (G/F Shop 8)


Locally hand-made snacks. “Tipsy” series uses about 4-5 different types of alcohols. “Spicy” series applies the traditional Sichuan Cuisine, with 4 types of chilies and 3 types of spices.


Chinese New Year Gift Box:

(Available from 14 Jan — 11 Feb, 2021)


“Happiness” Package (HK$ 408)


“Party” Package (HK$ 598)


“Royal” Package (HK$ 1,188)


“Deluxe” Package (HK$ 1,888)


Get a free heat preservation bag for any purchase of the Chinese New Year package.

Hong Kong Mochi (G/F Shop 9)


Featuring different types of Glutinous rice cake, the stuffing fits well with the wrapper.


Cheese Cookie / Ovaltine Rice Cakes (HK$ 16)


Chinese New Year promotion:


Durian + Green & Red Bean Flavour

丼我想見您  (1/F Shop 1)


Famous for its Japanese Bento & Sushi. Featuring a variety of top-on choices. Besides Sashimi & Bento, you can also choose Japanese barbecue and salad. The most popular dish is Fried Ice-cream. Every bite is a priceless experience.


Chinese New Year promotion「丼我想撈起」(HK $268)

Mel Pot (1/F Shop 2)


“Mel Pot”, a Japanese tea shop inspired by Taiwanese milk tea. Innovatively replacing Boba with Warabi Mochi, making you feel as if you were in Japan. Mel Pot is also committed to introducing a collection of authentic Japanese desserts for sale in Hong Kong.


Matcha Milk Tea (HK$ 44)


Milo Milk Tea (HK$ 42)


Chinese New Year Pudding Set :

4 puddings for HK$ 148, 6 puddings for HK$ 198

*Please inquire within the shop for discount details.

Appendix 2:Feast Market# (2/F)

Yeun Long Kei O Candy


Yeun Long Kei O Candy has been established for over 20 years in Yuen Long, famous for its Signature Peanut Brittle–Signature White Sesame Peanut Brittle, Black Sesame Peanut Brittle, Coconut Shred Peanut Brittle.


Chinese New Year promotion:


Traditional Peanut Brittle (3 boxes for HK$80)

Moment of Sophie Cookies (HK$ 168)


Developed by Blue-Belt Dessert Master from Tokyo, Japan, the home-made cookies are featured with a great look.


Four flavors including Classic Butter, Coffee, Matcha, and Chocolate.

Daniel’s Kitchen Big Bowl Feast(HK$ 498)



Yeh()Yeh()Yeah() Chinese New Year Gift Set (HK$118)


1. Coconut Pandan Beer

2. Coconut Peanut Beer

3. Coconut Crunchy Candy


Ah Ma Recipe Chinese New Year Gift Set (HK$338)

Kong Cha Siu


Pork imported from Europe, cooked with a 60-year-old recipe. Vacuum packaging secures freshness, making it safe for you to eat at home.


Chinese New Year promotion: 3 boxes for HK$ 150

#From 1-14 Feb, you can enjoy a discount of HK$20 for every purchase above HK$300.


About Park Aura

Covering over 50,000 square feet, Park Aura opened at the end of 2020 with an extraordinary location, providing Tin Hau with a new trending spot for catering, shopping, and leisure. The Food Loft on the ground floor and the 1st floor provides customers with various take-away foods. Feast Market on the 2nd floor will regularly hold different food exhibitions with different themes. Chef Republic on the 22nd floor features a unique venue for rental, providing all levels of chefs and cooking lovers with a place to hold different food events and business gatherings. Considering public hygiene and safety, visitors can download the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app, and scan the QR code at the entrance of the mall to keep your own visit record and enjoy all the above special offers. Now, you can relax and enjoy your favourite dishes and shopping journey with safety.


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