HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 6 March 2024 – One Storage launches a new mini box service – One Box (上門迷你倉), where customers can enjoy the one-stop service from picking up and delivering items to the central warehouse, to receiving items as needed and delivering them to the user’s location on time without leaving home. The mobile storage boxes are sturdy and durable, and can safely protect the stored items. They are transported to the central warehouse by a professional transportation team, and with transportation insurance protection, the customers’ important items can be properly kept.

One Storage has been operating for many years (迷你倉推介) and has accumulated rich storage experience and a deep understanding of the unique needs of the same customer groups. The newly launched One Box caters to customers who store relatively small amounts of items and pursue flexibility and convenience. It is not only suitable for working people who are too busy to visit the mini storage, but also welcomes those being hesitant about the unfamiliar mini storage environment. In addition, small home renovations or relocations that need to temporarily store household debris, students who need economical and short-term use, cosplay-, model-, sneaker-collectors, and families who need seasonal needs can all make an easy and convenient reservation for door-to-door storage boxes for unparalleled security and convenience in storage services.

At the same time, One Box brings innovative solution to commercial storage needs, completely releasing commercial office space that costs a lot of money. Mobile storage boxes can provide a one-stop professional solution for small businesses, start-ups, e-commerce merchants, small shops that need extra storage space, as well as schools, medical institutions, law firms or social enterprises that need to safely store documents and files. One Box provides reliable door-to-door storage service, flexibility and convenience to solve the problem of insufficient storage space.

One Storage puts the safety of customers’ personal and property as top priority. The design and equipment of the One Box central warehouse comply with the latest fire regulations. It is equipped with an emergency power supply system and an all-weather intelligent security system to avoid accidents due to unstable power supply in the building or area, and strengthen the security level of the central warehouse.

One Box is HKD 49 per month and is suitable for small items. Transportation costs HKD 88 each time, additional charges apply to remote areas. Now offering the latest special offer, enjoy 3 storage boxes and one free shipping service for HKD 20 per month. EPS, PayMe, check, credit card, FPS, WeChat and other payment methods are accepted.

One Storage Website: https://onestorage.com.hk/
One Box Services: https://onestorage.com.hk/box
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One Storage

Soundwill Group, keen on diversifying its portfolio to balance investment risks and augment profitability, has energetically broadened its mini-storage business venture – One Storage Management Limited. Established in 2018, One Storage is committed to delivering top-tier, professional storage solutions, assisting clients in managing their diverse storage requirements and reclaiming their space and joy in life. One Storage has been fervently extending its footprint, now boasting 42 branches strategically located across Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories. This wide coverage allows One Storage to offer its customers an extensive range of accessible and thoughtful services.


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