Pioneering ASD Support Platform Debuts in Hong Kong on World Autism Awareness Day; Featuring AI-Driven Technology.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 2 April 2024 – In a significant development coinciding with World Autism Awareness Day, Optism, an innovative platform designed for families with children on the autism spectrum (ASD), is officially unveiled in Hong Kong.

Optism Unveils Revolutionary AI-Enhanced ASD Support Platform on World Autism Awareness Day in Hong Kong
Optism Launches in Hong Kong

Founded by Carmen Li, a publisher driven by her personal narrative as the mother of a child with ASD, Optism embodies a commitment to revolutionizing the support available to the ASD community.

The platform comes with extensive resources, featuring “Ask Optism”, an AI feature designed to respond to ASD-related inquiries. “Ask Optism” was developed with the assistance of graduates from The Chinese University of Hong Kong under the guidance of Dr. Wong Tat Wing, incorporating an ASD-focused framework that fosters connections and support.

Carmen Li expresses the heart of Optism’s mission, “Parents with children with ASD often carry the weight of childcare physically, emotionally, and financially. Even everyday situations can cause immense emotional stress, potentially leading to depression and other challenges. Our platform recognizes these realities and provides workable solutions that families dealing with ASD traditionally struggle to find.”

With approximately 1 in 36 children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Optism’s mission is to provide cutting-edge technology, curated information, reliable resources, and a supportive community for their families all on one convenient platform. The “Ask Optism” AI feature, made specifically for answering ASD-related questions, is a testament to our commitment to providing the most advanced resources to our community.

In conjunction with its launch, Optism is proud to offer a wealth of exclusive content tailored to support ASD parents, including practical advice for everyday life such as traveling with an ASD child, navigating ASD-friendly airports, and estate planning for special needs families.

Featured content and interviews include:

William Buick: An intimate conversation with the champion jockey who discusses the challenges and triumphs as a parent to his son with ASD.

Tony Snell: Insightful dialogue with the former NBA player who shares his experiences as an athlete on the spectrum and the importance of understanding and supporting individuals with ASD.

Series of Interviews with Notable ASD Experts in Hong Kong: A rich collection of discussions with leading figures in the field, providing professional insights, advice, and the latest findings.

Each piece is crafted to offer guidance, inspiration, and a sense of community for families navigating the ASD journey, and it is completely free to use.

The platform’s dedication to cultural inclusivity is further emphasized with the upcoming release of a Chinese edition next month, making these invaluable resources available to an even wider audience.

Join Optism to discover a space where information meets innovation, and where families touched by ASD can find not just answers, but also understanding and solidarity.

For more information about Optism, the “Ask Optism” AI feature, exclusive launch interviews, or the upcoming Chinese edition, please visit or email

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About Optism

Founded by Carmen Li, Optism is Hong Kong’s first integrated platform for ASD families, merging advanced AI technology with a curated trove of accessible content. It is a one-stop platform for families seeking knowledge, support, and connection in the ASD community.


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