HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 16 June 2023 – Ananchi, a wellness boutique established in 2019 with a specialization in bust care and fertility treatments, today announces the opening of a new treatment center in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. The new center overlooks the Victoria Harbour and offers a wide range of innovative wellness solutions, with a focus on oriental bust treatments and fertility care.

Oriental wellness expert Ananchi introduces new Japanese bust care technology, launching a new wellness center in Central Hong Kong
The newly opened Ananchi wellness center in Central Hong Kong overlooks the Victoria Habour, and offers advanced female and couple treatments. Non-invasive bust care and firming technology represents the next big frontier in Asia’s wellness and beauty industry.

New technology has made it possible to obtain better body shape without the cost and the pain of traditional cosmetic surgeries. Instead of breast enlargement procedures and invasive injections which could be painful and costly, Ananchi’s new center offers non-invasive treatments that can help stimulate the body’s self-regulating mechanisms for optimal development, increasing upper body circulation for optimal growth. It also helps to facilitate the body’s healing and regeneration.

“The intersection of beauty, bust care, fertility and new healthtech is one of the most compelling areas of growth for the wellness industry – an area in which Ananchi is leading and is continuing to push forward,” said spokesperson for Annachi. “We are seeing very strong demand for non-invasive, machine-assisted bust care and fertility preservation services, which many see as a viable alternative to the traditional surgeries.”

New bust care and wellness offerings, impressive results without surgery

The latest Ananchi bust care treatment utilized innovative new technology from Japan, with machines specialized in unblocking meridian blockages, increasing upper body circulation and removing lymphatic drainage. These help to prevent blockages from stopping nutrients from traveling to the upper body and breast area. Special handpiece also helps to induce regenerative microcurrent and thermal energy deep into the body’s collagen layer, improve elasticity and plumpness, and create a more generous bust shape.

Ananchi currently offers unique wellness, male and female care treatments, utilizing the latest healthcare technology from leading providers in Japan, South Korea, China, and Thailand. All of which have been extremely well-received in their home country. These include:

  • Quantum Biological Resonance technology, an innovation created by healthcare equipment providers from France and South Korea. This new technology helps with tissue healing and regeneration, improves circulation and also helps maintain healthy body temperature for optimal health. The device has received FDA approval.
  • Japanese acupressure point technology, this new equipment uses microcurrent and low frequency and helps to relieve the symptoms of blockage of lymphatic systems, a major cause of unhealthy breasts and stiff body.
  • Nano soothing diathermy with infrared, a new technology from South Korea that can emit healing thermal waves, helping to relax tensed muscles and relieve cramps during period. KFDA approved.
  • MFIR helps to improve circulation and helps to detox the body.

Oriental healing with a scientific edge

“Ananchi has always been a big believer in the traditional Asian concept of body self regulation and regenerative power. Asian wellness practices such as acupuncture, qigong and massages are becoming more accepted in modern countries including Japan and South Korea. With the new Ananchi wellness center opening, we are committed to offering more science-based oriental wellness treatments to the Hong Kong market.”

For more information, visit http://www.ananchi.hk
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