FRANKFURT, GERMANY – EQS Newswire – 17 December 2020 – Pegasus Development, Inc. is pleased to announce that the first important step for the planned IPO / Listing in 2021 has been taken. The application with the SEC / EDGAR – Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA has been approved and the registration in the IPO register has taken place.

Planned IPO date is June 2021, the main venues are Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges. With multiple rounds of financing, investors will have the opportunity to invest in a growing company and receive equity or a portion of the company in return.

The default-free bond repayments and the high sales figures of the past years have enormously strengthened the confidence of the investors in Pegasus Development and give the internationally positioned company the decisive psychological advantage for the IPO. 

Above all, the growth in operating business despite COVID-19 is the decisive signal effect for all shareholders. Important here are the dialogues with major American investors who would like to accompany this lucrative IPO. At an early stage it can be seen here that good business is also being weathered in the environment and many parties would like to participate on this IPO. 

Pre-IPO shares with right of first refusal are usually traded exclusively among financial institutions and major investors and are not accessible to private investors. However, Pegasus Development has announced for its existing investors that a contingent of forehanded shares will be made available to thank them for their trust over the last 20 years and give them the opportunity to participate in the game of the big ones without having to provide millions of dollars. 

All in all, we can look forward to a strong performance and are eagerly awaiting further events.


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