TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 17 December 2021 – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the government imposed a number of control measures such as lockdowns and home-isolation. These measures have sparked a surge in demand for food and drinks, boosting meal pouches and delivery services. Moreover, there has been a surge in people attempting to cook Taiwanese food at home.

Taiwanese Delicacies, Taiwanese banquet dishes that represent the “roadside banquet” culture


The government released a series of relief measures from May to July this year and the “Take Out” platform was introduced to the public in June, aiming to make it easier for people to order food and take it home. Given that we must learn to live with the virus, the initiative to make food more accessible has become crucial in people’s everyday lives.


Thanks to Taiwan’s efforts in combating the virus, borders have reopened in more countries. Regardless of returning home or visiting for vacation, the first stop on people’s itinerary after arriving in the country is usually a traditional Taiwanese restaurant or street food, as well as a hand-shaken drink. With the easing of restrictions and the introduction of the stimulus package, 4,140,000 Food Lover vouchers ( were launched to help boost the food service industry.


With the outbreak situation under control, the “Legacy 2021 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future” award was successfully held on October 20, 2021. After the recognition and high praises received last year with the “Traditional 2020 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future” award, this year the theme focused on “legacy” and 72 winners from the 117 applicants were selected to be crowned.


In November, the Department of Commerce released an e-book “The Handbook of Selected Restaurants for Legacy 2021 Taiwanese Cuisine for the Future,” allowing food lovers to discover the best in Taiwanese cuisine. To attract more customers, hand-shaken drink operators have added panna cotta and seasonal fruits into their drinks as well as new ingredients sourced directly from farmers, guaranteed to create yet another craze in Taiwan. Not many countries have tackled the virus as well as Taiwan with 0 local infected cases for many days. This result is attributable to the hard work of all Taiwanese people as well as its abundant food culture. In the future, when the border is reopened to all countries, Taiwan will be showing its friendly gesture and saying “Welcome back to Taiwan!”



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