HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 17 February 2023 – Pregnancy brings along undesired conditions like fine lines, yellowish skin, enlarged pores and many other skin conditions, let alone the most concerned postpartum stretch marks. After giving birth, while mothers devote themselves completely to the newborns, less time is left to take care of themselves. To help mothers retore their delicate and youthful skin, Pretty Beauty Premium Signature Cell Regeneration Treatment repairs the cell barrier of mothers from the dermis layer of the skin. With LDM® Cell Regeneration Technology, skin is revitalized and energized. Knocking out problems of stretch marks, skin damage and skin quality deterioration all in one go, postpartum skin is once again youthful and radiant.

LDM® Cell Regeneration Technology: Stretch Marks Removal

The most concerning skin problem for mothers must be the fine and dense stretch marks. Once they appear, the damaged inner layer of the skin cannot be easily reached by any skin care products and vitamin products. Pretty Beauty sees the concerns and introduces the most effective solution from Wellcomet Technology in Germany: the LDM® Skin Cell Regeneration Technology. It focuses on the rigid conditions of scars and stretch marks. With this technology targeting skin damage after pregnancy, the natural self-healing power of the boy can be awakened.

Stretch marks are caused by severe skin stretching during pregnancy, causing tearing damage to the dermis layer, deep scarring on cells and belly structures. Removing stretch marks requires rebuilding the collagen network at the base of the skin with potent and targeted recovery work. Pretty Beauty uses the LDM® Skin Cell Regeneration Device with output of 1 / 3 / 10 MHz – the triple ultrasound technology, to penetrate and conduct energy into the subcutaneous tissue and all layers of the skin. The entire damaged cell tissue is repaired, and collagen reactivates to proliferate again. Collagen network is rebuilt seamlessly, and the elasticity of the skin is restored.

Guardian of Mothers Skin: Eliminating Imperfect Skin

Pregnancy causes major hormonal changes. Along with drastic weight changes, many mothers are having a variety of skin problems after childbirth, such as acne, rough skin, oil particles, enlarged pores, etc. LDM® Skin Cell Regeneration Treatment can simultaneously be used on the face. With the unique LDM® waveform ultrasound technology, energy is injected into weak skin cells, promoting blood circulation, and speeding up metabolism. All the imperfections of the face are solved in one go.

Pretty Beauty understands that many mothers have no time to take care of themselves after giving birth. Their skin will lose its original vitality in the long run. The LDM® Skin Cell Regeneration Device uses the energy resonance phenomenon generated by ultrasound energy to keep cells active and healthy. Similar to having cardio exercise with the cells, keeping them in the best state of strength and rebuild the best barrier for mothers.

Mothers face various challenges after childbirth. While mothers are cautiously protecting the future of their children, Pretty Beauty protects the health of their skin, focuses on self-confidence and beauty for mothers, and helps mothers rejuvenate and strives for the best condition.

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