The company is partnering with OMNIA Global to support capital markets engagement and strategic commercialization activities

Vancouver, Canada and Zurich, Switzerland – Newsfile Corp. – February 5, 2024 – ScanDiags, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company with an innovative software platform for medical imaging, today announces it is partnering with OMNIA Global to support the company’s engagement with capital markets and global commercialization activities. ScanDiags will continue to focus on the development of its ImagoPlus™ software platform, ongoing product validation and verification, and the pursuit of regulatory clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). OMNIA—an entrepreneurial Swiss single family office specialising in alternatives, private to public investments coupled with use of bespoke innovative finance and leverage solutions—will support ScanDiags with business development, financing, and market development activities over the coming year. ScanDiags Accelerates Drive to Commercialize Its ImagoPlus(TM) Artificial Intelligence Software Platform for Medical Imaging

ScanDiags’ ImagoPlus platform enables the active interpretation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) through immediate data detection, quantification, and clinical insight. The platform provides standardized diagnostic reports in a fully automated process that unburdens clinicians at the point of care, increases workflow capacity, and reduces healthcare system costs. Compatible with all MRI hardware platforms, ScanDiags’ ImagoPlus platform integrates seamlessly into existing radiology operations.

“Artificial intelligence is transforming medical practice and healthcare delivery,” says Rene Balzano, founder and CEO of ScanDiags AG. “Radiologists look at thousands of images in a day; the quality of the imaging, resource constraints, and a lack of standardized reporting and communication can have a real human cost. Our technology will improve diagnostic quality through greater sensitivity and specificity and has the potential to save lives.”

The ImagoPlus Musculoskeletal (MSK) Suite is fully operational and will launch with the Lumbar Spine module; Knee, Shoulder, and Hip modules are being finalized for successive launches over the next year. The company is also expanding the ImagoPlus platform to incorporate Neurological and Cardiovascular pathology suites already in development.

“ScanDiags’ technology continues to prove itself in the field of radiology,” says Tajkarim Mohamed, Director of ScanDiags Health Technologies Inc. “The team has now completed four successful clinical trials in Switzerland, with results published in leading European medical journals. Our validation study in the United States will be finalized later this month as part of the preparation for our 510k submission. These trials and studies have proven our platform’s clinical accuracy and diagnostic effectiveness, and we anticipate a successful FDA clearance by mid-year.”

OMNIA has a demonstrated history of successful engagements with technology companies positioned for growth and will support ScanDiags to continue ongoing development of the ImagoPlus platform and ScanDiags’ commercialization push.

“OMNIA works with entrepreneurs to develop and grow their businesses and expedite the rate at which their innovative products and offerings reach public markets,” says Daniel Hansen, OMNIA Global’s CEO. “ScanDiags has developed a unique product that will ultimately give doctors more time to spend with their patients, and we are excited to work with the company to realise their strategic financing and commercialization objectives over the coming year.”


Pioneering the AI frontier, ScanDiags amplifies the precision and efficiency of MRI analysis. Crafted with Swiss engineering, our medical imaging technology empowers automatic, yet nuanced detection, quantification, and categorization of diverse disease pathologies at the point of care. Our platform dovetails perfectly into prevailing radiology operations and syncs universally with all major medical equipment manufacturers. ScanDiags Health Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with its Research and Development group, Scandiags AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

OMNIA Global is an entrepreneurial family office specialising in alternatives, private to public investments with use of innovative finance and leverage within structured finance to grow the office’s balance sheet while making a difference in the world. OMNIA searches for like-minded fiery souls to invest in and with, while addressing the pitfalls of traditional investment frameworks. We believe in passive investments combined with involvement, when needed, offsetting equity and debt risk towards the public and capital markets when able to do so.

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