HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 7 February 2024 – SiegFund announces the launch of its revolutionary Financial Service in Q1 2024. Participants have the opportunity to trade up to $400,000 on their SiegFund Account, with the added benefit of receiving up to 90% of profits.

The platform invites traders of all types to embark on a transformative journey, challenge their skills, and explore the innovative trading opportunities that SiegFund offers. With a commitment to revolutionizing the financial landscape, SiegFund aims to provide a diverse and inclusive space where traders can thrive, learn, and achieve their financial goals.

Besides SiegFund Academy, there are two innovative challenge modules to suit different trader personalities, here is a quick quiz to identify which challenge is the best match.

1 Step Challenge: Tailored for individuals with greater confidence, seeking to take risks and experience tension and excitement. Set a bold 8% profit target within a single assessment.

2 Step Challenge: Ideal for those who prefer careful consideration, offering 10% and 5% profit targets across two assessments.

A wider range of seed money, ranging from 5k to 400k, ensuring accessibility for traders with varying experience.
Enjoy an unprecedented 90% profit split during the live stage, setting SiegFund apart from competitors who only offer eligibility in the scale-up stage.

No hidden costs, zero trading commission, refund purchase fee and unlock 90% profit split once get certificated.

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About SiegFund

SiegFund, a cutting-edge trading platform, emerges as a beacon for traders seeking a fresh approach to the world of finance. Established in 2016 in Australia, SiegFund originated in a small Sydney office, evolving into a vibrant community of young day traders dedicated to trading as a long-term career. Drawing from years of experience, the platform has gained access to diverse trading systems, evolving its strategies, and sharing invaluable insights on money and risk management with fellow traders.

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