TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 12 June 2023 – Launched April 19, the 2023 Taiwan Presidential Hackathon International Track is themed Free the Future: Open, Digital, and Green. This event emphasizes democracy, digital transformation, and net-zero goals, inviting elite hackers to collaboratively address global social issues, enhance the quality of life and spark innovation in governance.

In response to significant interest in this event, and in an attempt to draw more international participation, technology, and creativity, Taiwan has been determined to extend the registration period until June 16, 1700. It is anticipated this measure will assist in fostering diverse and dynamic cross-border and multidisciplinary collaborations. Additionally, participants can benefit from the “Taiwan Employment Gold Card” in the “Digital Field” initiative, launched by the Ministry of Digital Affairs this year. Participation in the Taiwan Presidential Hackathon International Track could serve as proof of professional competency and possibly secure employment opportunities in our burgeoning digital industry.

Beyond the competition, the Taiwan Presidential Hackathon International Track will feature engaging workshops and matchmaking activities. Participants can gain insights into the latest technology trends and practical expertise through personalized coaching sessions with industry professionals. They will also have the opportunity to engage in dialogues and exchanges with top hackers and potential partners, fostering invaluable learning experiences, collaboration opportunities, and possible project realizations.

The Taiwan Presidential Hackathon International Track is a high-profile platform for hackers seeking opportunities and challenges. It is a stage for displaying one’s technical talents and innovative thinking, as well as a hub for fostering international collaborations and exchanges. If one dream of collaborating with top-notch hackers from around the globe to collectively forge a smarter, more prosperous future, do not miss this chance—join the Taiwan Presidential Hackathon International Track.

Taiwan invites the global community to join the event until June 16. Submit proposals and register via the official website. For further details, visit

If one is interested in becoming a partner and can offer a venue, technology, or other resources, complete the online form, and a member of our team will reach out. For additional information, contact Ms. Chang at

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