TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 13 October 2023 – The 2023 Siraya Go CreCar held its promotional press conference today (October 12th) at the MOTC in Taipei. The event was filled with spectacular performances, including a lively cheerleading squad that brought the atmosphere to a climax. Invited guests included the official of the MOTC Chen,Yen-Po, the official of the Tourism Administration Chen,Yen-Po, the representative from the office of the member of the Legislative Yuan Kuo Kuo-Wen Chen,Yen-Po, Director of the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters Hsu Chen-Neng, and Yan Xiang-zhao, Director of Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm. Joe Fang was the heavyweight Design Director invited to served as the judge of this event. Fang is the Creative Director of Joe Fang Studio, and the first-ever “Triple Gold” designer who has been responsible for designing the ceremonies of the Golden Bell Awards, Golden Melody Awards, and Golden Horse Awards. Last year’s championship car and this year’s newly constructed themed giant cake car were also unveiled, together with celebrities and famous cars to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Siraya Go CreCar.

Tenth Anniversary

November 26th, the day of the event, is also the birthday of the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters. The first-ever reveal of a gigantic cake-themed car, designed under the brand of “Touching Siraya” with multiple shades of dreamy pastel green, instantly captivated the audience. VIPs on site were eager to try driving the eye-catching cake-themed car, and the host also invited them to take photos with it. Besides the thrilling competitions on the day of the event, there are also popular internet celebrity Food Truck, abundant prairie activities, and extra prize drawing. We invite everyone to Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm on November 26th to watch the exciting competitions and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Go CreCar and the birthday of the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters, while also enjoying the rich natural scenery, culture and history of Siraya.

Chen,Yen-Po, Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transportation and Communications pointed out that not only does the Siraya National Scenic Area, Tourism Administration, MOTC boast rich cultural and natural assets, but it also has abundant reservoir resources, making it very suitable for cycling enthusiasts. Entering its tenth year, the Siraya Go CreCar is part of Taiwan Cycling Festival series and also Taiwan’s only locally-organized self-made car race. The non-motorized, uniquely designed cars offer a different cycling experience and are given new definitions and spirits through the creativity, passion, and teamwork of the contestants. We hope to continue promoting this unique event internationally and attract more international travelers and teams to Taiwan to participate in the competition. This year, we have set a target of 6 million tourists coming to Taiwan; next year, we aim to welcome as many as 12 million visitors.

Lin, Hsin-Jen, Deputy Director General, Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications said, “The Siraya Go CreCar event is more than just a competition. Through collaboration in car-making among families, friends, and classmates, it embodies the core concepts of ‘helping others for mutual benefit’ and ‘teamwork,’ which are constantly emphasized by the Tourism Administration. We hope to invest in local tourism and strengthen regional travel and collaborative governance of the tourism union, while working with private-sector operators and local governments to drive the local tourism industry.”

Hsu Chen-Neng, Director of the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters, said, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Siraya Go CreCar, and we have specially designed it around the theme of ‘A Decade of Dazzling Siraya,’ showcasing the accumulated achievements the Siraya Go CreCar since 2014. The day will be filled with spectacular activities at Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, including a large inflatable amusement park, picnic on the lawn, and incessant prairie activities. We aim to offer tourists from all over Taiwan a cost-effective, wonderful experience and reward the broad public who have supported the Siraya Go CreCar for the past ten years.”

The Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters has specially crafted limited offers for those who enjoy traveling. Collaborating with local businesses around Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm, those who patronize collaborating stores in November, check-in with the tag ‘2023 Siraya Go CreCar,’ and follow the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters’ fan page will enjoy multiple discounts. We are also launching a two-day, one-night, in-depth tour of ‘Touching Siraya’ to introduce the features within the jurisdiction of Siraya to both domestic and foreign travelers. The itinerary is filled with local experiences and cultural enrichment, targeting tourists from Hong Kong and Macau to unveil the unique elegance of Siraya. This is complemented by various food, accommodation, travel, and shopping businesses linked to the ‘2023 Siraya Go CreCar,’ allowing visitors to enjoy mango ice in Yujing, or stay overnight in Danei, Liuying, and Baihe, all at the most favorable prices for a premium experience.

Information Links:
Fan page of the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC
Website of the Siraya National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC
Hong Kong and Macau Tour Registration Website
One-Day Tour :
Two-Day Tours :

‘2023 Siraya Go CreCar’ Collaborating Businesses Special Offers (more to come)

Store Full Name
Offers and Discounts

556 Homestay
Booking 10% Discount
Tsou-Ma-Lai Farm
Orchid Hall: Weekdays 3000 NTD, Weekends 3800 NTD (For the week of the event only)
Yutian Yunhai Villa
10% discount on both weekdays and weekends
Dingdang Homestay
10% discount on weekdays (rounded down); weekend stay at weekday rates.
Yunding Scenic B&B
From 11/1 to 12/15, check-in and tag the Siraya Go CreCar fan page to enjoy a 5% discount on weekdays and a 10% discount on weekends.
Yihai Homestay
5% discount on weekdays, 10% discount on weekends.
Yujing Old Street B&B (Yujing Homestay)
Receive a free scoop of mango ice cream with your stay.
Taisugar Liuying Jianshanpi Resort
During the event period, present Siraya Go CreCar work pass, contestant badge, or ticket stub to enjoy special rates at the “Jianshanpi Guest House” (not applicable to groups).

Deluxe Double Room: Weekday 3500 NTD, Weekend 4700 NTD (discounted rates)

Deluxe Room for Four: Weekday 4,450 NTD, Weekend 5,900 NTD
Lih Chyuan Themed B&B
Event week offer: 100 NTD off on site for the bathhouse or rest room; 200 NTD off on site for accommodation.

Gourmet Food
Yujing Ice Stack
Free scoop of ice cream
Yujing A-Ya Mango Ice
Buy a mango ice and receive a free scoop of mango ice cream, only for those having ice in the store.
Yujing Nice Ice
Free scoop of ice cream
Yu Mei Mango Ice
10% discount
Sunny Mango Gelato
Free upgrade from a small cup of iced product to a large cup.
You Jian Ice Shop
Buy a mango ice and receive a free scoop of ice cream.
Ai Wen Native Iceland
10% discount on a bowl of “Ai Wen Native Mango Ice” or “Mango Iceland.”
Encountering Fruity Aroma Shops 1 & 2
Spend 200 NTD or more and receive a free cup of 100% fresh pure mango juice.
10% discount for any purchase in the store.
Yujing Old Street Ice Shop
Buy a mango ice and receive a free scoop of mango ice cream, only for those having ice in the store.
Yu Tian Ice Shop
Free cup of ice cream.
Qing Qing Mango Ice Professional Shop
Free cup of ice cream.

Play and Fun
The Wonderful Tenergy Place
Redeem one nice gift.
Fruit Farmer’s Home
5% discount on all purchases in the store. Contestants with a contestant’s badge receive a 10% discount.
Meiya Furniture
10% discount on DIY material kits for transportation vehicles.

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