NEW YORK, US – Media OutReach – 24 May 2023 – Aimed at incubating high-quality developers and projects, the Boundless Hackathon at Stanford, spearheaded by Zebec Protocol, has been ceremoniously set in motion. The event, co-hosted by the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator, Zebec Protocol, Nautilus Chain, and Rootz Labs, is now accepting submissions. This gathering brings together top-notch cyberpunks to carry forward the spirit of pioneering the edges of blockchain technology.

Projects from all chains are invited to apply to the Boundless Hackathon. Participants can select from several tracks, including DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs, and will have the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals to bring their vision to fruition.

With cutting-edge tools and resources, participants can push boundaries and significantly impact the future of the blockchain industry. This hackathon event is supported by DoraHacks.

The Boundless Hackathon will take place from May 16th to June 18th where participants could submit the projects online.The winners will be announced during the closing ceremonies on July 1st, with more than $50,000 up for grabs in prizes.

About Cohost

Stanford Blockchain Accelerator

The Stanford Blockchain Accelerator is a non-profit program run by students and alumni and is part of the Stanford Blockchain Club student group. We incubate Stanford student and alumni teams in a 5 month program, helping them build, raise, and launch blockchain projects. Over 90% of teams graduating our program raise from the leading funds (>$80M cumulative raises), and over 60% launch and are post revenue within 6 months of our program!


Nautilus Chain is the first production-ready modular chain in Web3. Through its modular architecture, Nautilus combines the speed of Solana with the decentralization and security of Ethereum to become the fastest EVM chain available, capable of parallel transaction processing.

Zebec Protocol

Zebec is a tax-compliant payment protocol with over 60 business clients and more than $300 million in TVL. It is a continuous settlement protocol founded by Sam Thapaliya that makes payments more efficient, fair, and decentralized.

Rootz Labs

Rootz Labs is a research-centric venture studio crafting blockchain projects that change the game. Our team is led by influential industry leaders with extensive experience in market operations, infrastructure technology, and investment research. Team’s portfolio includes Galxe, Zebec, Partisia Blockchain, Shardeum, Cyberconnect, etc.

Following the event’s commencement, the Co-Hosts formally unveiled five distinct sectors available for applications: DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Infra, and a segment for Others.

Upon releasing the inaugural announcement, the Co-Hosts simultaneously revealed the event’s schedule. The virtual opening ceremony will commence on June 4th, including an Opening Speech, Panel Discussion, and an introduction to the rules of the hackathon. The event will culminate on July 1st with Stanford University’s closing ceremony, featuring a closing speech, Panel Discussion, presentations by projects selected in the final round, and the assignment of prizes. The event boasts an awards pool of $50,000. The prize pool amount will be updated with the most recent contributions. Stay tuned for the distribution rules as well.

About Strategic Partners

Eclipse: Eclipse is a customizable rollup provider allowing developers to “pick and choose” the best aspects of blockchain technology needed to create unique decentralized applications, without making technical trade-offs.

OKX Wallet: OKX wallet is a noncustodial, multichain digital asset storage and management tool available as a browser extension or mobile/web app.

Emurgo: Global leaders in blockchain solutions, empowering developers, startups, and governments.

Huobi Ventures: Huobi Ventures is the global investment division of Huobi, which empowers Huobi’s global presence and boosts the shared growth and benefits with its global partners through capital operation.

Bitmart: Bitmart is a leading global crypto exchange offering diverse, innovative cryptocurrency trading services.

Agallochum Capital: Agallochum Capital is a web3.0-focused investment firm with a long-term, people-centric strategy, noted for backing significant projects.

Tiger VC DAO: Tiger VC DAO was established in 2022 and was jointly initiated by a dozen Web3 VC Core Builders. It is a decentralized VC organization for global Web3 investors.

Shardeum: Shardeum is an EVM-based L1 that uses dynamic state sharding to increase TPS with every new node. Build global scale decentralized applications on Shardeum with low fees forever.

About Ecosystem Partners

DoraHack: A global hacker community revolutionizing the blockchain space through innovative solutions.

Footprint Analytics: A data platform blending web2 and web3 data across 26 chains. Builders can quickly build Dapps with the visualization tool and a powerful multi-chain API for NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, and more. They are advocates for sustainability in blockchain, driving impactful projects.

Blockchain Academy: The largest Web3 GenZ community in Asia, dedicated to nurturing and developing the next generation of Web3.0 talent. Educators in blockchain technology, shaping the minds that will lead the industry’s future.

Talentre: Talentre is a blockchain-powered Web3 education and talent network platform.

About Technology Partners

Aspecta: Aspecta is an AI-enabled protocol for creating self-sovereign digital identities, fostering an interoperable identity ecosystem based on Web2 & Web3.

About Community Support

Builderdao: A decentralized hub for blockchain innovation, fostering growth in the blockchain ecosystem.

SUWA: A vibrant blockchain community advancing blockchain technology and applications.

Moledao: Democratic architects in the blockchain space, building a more efficient ecosystem.

WWU: Empowering women in the blockchain space, fostering diversity and inclusion in the Web3 ecosystem.

0xU Hong Kong BlockChain Club: Hong Kong’s hub for blockchain dialogue, educating, and driving discussions.

Tintinland: A dynamic platform in the blockchain world, contributing to the vibrant and innovative blockchain community.

OneBlock: Advocates for blockchain exploration and promotion, shaping the future of blockchain technology.

Meta Era: A leading Web3.0 one-stop resource aggregator based in Hong Kong.

Denet: Is a powerful “Task to Earn”business growth tool to assist our clients to boost their brand awareness,SNS Account followers, community growth, content engagements etc. in a decentralized way.

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