HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 13 February 2023 – Victory Securities held the “HONG KONG’S FIRST VIRTUAL ASSET RESEARCH CONFERENCE”, detailing an overview of the cryptocurrency market and analyzing the impact of external factors on the cryptocurrency market. At the press conference, a panel of experts in the virtual asset industry discussed how to revolutionize the virtual asset industry.

Adam Zhou, Managing Director of Victory Securities, categorically recognized the future value of virtual assets by stating “Through blockchain technology, virtual assets can be traded globally, and Ethereum smart contracts further expand application of cryptocurrency.”

Prominent experts in the field shared their insights at the press conferences, including Alvin Kwock, Founder & CEO of OneDegree, Professor Jack Poon, Professor of Practice at PolyU, Candy Pan, Director of Deloitte Financial Services, Karen Man, Partner at Baker & McKenzie, and Kennix Chan, Executive Director of Victory Securities & VDX, exploring ways to innovate in the virtual asset industry.

Karen Man believed that by bringing virtual assets into an open regulatory environment, international virtual asset investors may come to the Hong Kong market to develop projects such as stablecoins and exchanges.

Alvin Kwock proposed the idea that insurance can be a means to effectively control the risk of virtual assets. However, only 25% of companies have sufficient risk control measures to secure an insurance policy. He believed that there is a huge demand for virtual asset insurance in Hong Kong, leaving significant room for growth in the number of compliance agencies insuring against virtual assets in the next two years.

In addition, Candy Pan believed that regulatory technology and compliance technology (Regtech) are crucial to the development of virtual assets. Through the application of financial technology such as artificial intelligence, it is possible to quickly identify customers and track the flow of money.

Concerning investor risks and regulatory agencies, Kennix Chan pointed out that Hong Kong has a sound traditional financial system that can effectively supervise virtual assets, thereby accelerating the development of the virtual asset industry.

Jack Poon viewed supervision as the first step in the development of virtual assets. To him, development of the technology is essential to ensuring the sustainability of virtual assets in the future.

At the end of the press conference, Kennix Chan spoke about the outlook, “I hope that the Hong Kong Government will communicate more with the industry, educate people about virtual assets and formulate policies to attract talents, so as to set a clear blueprint for the development of virtual assets for the industry to follow.”

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Victory Securities has also recently obtained consent from the SFC to (i) provide virtual asset dealing services under an omnibus account arrangement; (ii) provide virtual asset dealing services by way of introducing eligible clients to licensed virtual asset platforms for direct trading; (iii) market and distribute virtual asset-related private funds to eligible clients; (iv) provide securities brokerage services to eligible clients with respect to virtual asset-related exchange-traded funds (including exchange-traded virtual asset derivative funds); and (v) provide virtual asset advisory services.


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