Empowering businesses with technology for real-time cash flow

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 2 November 2023 – Hong Kong’s leading payment technology company, Yedpay is breaking tradition and pioneering the innovation of the next-generation payment industry with ‘One Touch’ technology. This technology aims to solve the sequence of cash flow from collection, payment to settlement for businesses, providing a new experience for real-time cash flow.

In the past, payment and settlement were separately managed. Due to the cash flow transfer of acquirers, settlement institutions and banks, the cash flow from payment transactions was relatively delayed after a lengthy process of circulation and advance payment. With the ‘One Touch’ payment technology, the boundary between cash and electronic payments will disappear. Collection, payment and settlement can be achieved in one step, making it easy for businesses to manage their funds.

Breaking barriers and innovating to achieve real-time cash flow

At the 8th Hong Kong FinTech Week event themed ” Fintech Redefined” Yedpay officially announced this innovative collaboration that will change the history of payment technology development. Yedpay’s General Manager, Leo Ngan introduced the innovation and breakthrough of this payment technology to the industry insiders present. They also highlighted the “domino effect” this technology will have on the operation of funds for businesses and retailers.

Leo Ngan, General Manager of Yedpay, mentioned that Yedpay has employed Tap to Phone payment technology in the ‘One Touch’ payment product. This technology cloudifies credit card payment processing encryption, breaking through the traditional POS machine’s fixed hardware encryption format. By using a mobile phone, it can cope with mainstream payment methods. Business enterprises or retailers only need to download an application to activate ‘mobile phone induction collection’ and use their smartphones to flexibly collect payments anytime and anywhere. Moreover, this technology does not need to be stuck with the traditional T+2 cash flow time difference and the full settlement arrives “instantly.”

Lam Cheung-fu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Newspaper Vendors Assoication, mentioned that newspaper vendors and stall operators tend to have more traditional mindsets. Many newspaper vendors have been running their businesses for decades and face daily challenges related to payments and accounting. They have relatively straightforward business models that heavily rely on cash transactions. There is a pressing need for them to undergo a business transformation. The innovative payment technology offered by Yedpay is beneficial for large, medium, small, and micro enterprises to undergo transformation. It not only resolves the issue of delayed payments but also enables newspaper vendors to expand their business into the realms of digitalization and industry reform within the newspaper distribution sector.

Pioneering the innovation of the global payment settlement industry and making inroads into the Belt One Road market

According to the 2022 McKinsey Global Payments Report¹, in emerging markets in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, the pandemic accelerated shifts to contactless payments and e-commerce, and low banking penetration affords opportunities for payments providers to capture untapped potential and reach underserved populations.

According to the “2022 Southeast Asia Digital Economy Report,” Southeast Asia’s booming digital payment market is expected to hit $2 trillion by transaction value in 2030².

In the future, Yedpay will continue to be Hong Kong-centric with ASEAN as its core growth point and will launch diversified financial products from collection to remittance of merchant electronic wallets, aiming to build the ASEAN Payment Hub. With ‘openness’ and ‘practicality’ Yedpay will conduct technological innovation and make more forward-looking explorations and breakthroughs in the field of mobile payments.

The ‘cashless society’ promoted by Yedpay can make finance more inclusive and business more intelligent, which drives financial innovation while saving the overall social cost and accelerating the operation of the economy. From a business perspective, this provides companies with new opportunities to explore new financial management models. Especially the new breakthrough of Yedpay’s instant payment and settlement, which improves the efficiency of large enterprises’ fund settlement, increases the flexibility of funds and can instantly control the operation and reduce operational risks. In addition, through the analysis of electronic payment data, companies can further understand consumers’ wants and needs, actively adjust their operational strategies and forecast market direction. Whether it’s retails, hotels, mobile services or even newsstands, instant payment technology solutions will revolutionarily change traditional payment methods.

As a leader in Hong Kong’s payment technology industry, Yedpay is committed to providing a low-threshold and secure electronic payment system, enhancing competitiveness with ‘efficiency’ and ‘liquidity’ and relying on technological power to change the traditional sales industry’s landscape to make its own contributes for a more universal and sustainable future.


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About Yedpay

In the early days of its establishment, Yedpay developed a payment platform in Cyberport, Hong Kong. It was launched in 2017. It is committed to developing a financial technology brand that revolutionizes the payment industry. Its open payment platform assists merchants with an APP to process credit card transactions and e-wallet payments in physical stores and online.

The Yedpay system uses cloud technology and ensures data security. It has obtained the PCI DSS payment industry security standard level 1 certificate since 2017, and obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security management system certification international standard since 2018.

Yedpay integrates electronic payment technology into traditional culture, including created the first cashless market in Hong Kong, changed the payment mode of the Taxi industry to go digital, and organised the Cheung Chau Bun Festival for the first time to enable more than 100 merchants on the island to accept digital payments. The whole process is connected with Yedpay, and it is the first time to electronically transform Fa Yuen Street merchants in the form of full digital payment, etc.

From 2023 onwards, Yedpay will focus on ASEAN, with Thailand as the leader, and radiate ASEAN. Yedpay will also launch diversified financial products, merchant e-wallets from collection to remittance, and strive to build an ASEAN Payment Hub to implement ASEAN, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China with the same pace for digital.


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