Coffee culture describes a ‘social atmosphere or series of associated social behaviors that depends heavily upon coffee, particularly as a social lubricant’. The Business Lifestyle Review is looking at the drink, its culture and how it stimulates business in the Malaysian context.

20150916_112704-1Historically, from a western point of view it was the Turkish who introduced albeit by mistake to the Europeans, since then the Italian word espresso has become the basis of understanding for how people enjoy a good cup of coffee.

In Malaysia, a lot of business is done of the golf course but in recent years a lot more business in being discussed in coffee shops. Malaysian business people have embraced the coffee culture, in could be the mix of legal stimulants and air conditioning but one thing is for sure it that business discussions over coffee are on the rise.

Coffee culture is here to stay, recently at an exhibition organised in MATRADE cafe lovers thronged to Malaysia’s largest gathering of coffee-centric industry players today as trade experts predicted a continuous rise in demand for specialty coffees from the country’s growing urban population.

According to Victor Mah, president of the ASEAN Coffee Federation “The coffee industry in Malaysia and its neighboring countries is witnessing a heightened demand for the production of high-quality coffee, where coffee is appreciated as an artisan food and not just a commodity,”,

The Business Lifestyle Review will be exploring the Coffee Business Culture in a series of reviews on the best place to enjoy coffee while discussing business. We will look at the international coffee chains, the rise of some interesting stand-alone or boutique cafes and Malaysia’s own home grown coffee shop brands.  Stay tuned for more reviews!!!




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