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Malaysia: A Global Education Hub 

“Malaysia is currently ranked the world’s 11th most preferred study destination by UNESCO and the country currently has close to 100,000 international students”

Malaysian has often aspired to play a leading role in many industry sectors, one such sector is the education which has long been dominated by developed nations.  As this global Multi-Billion Dollar industry grows, the question is how will the stakeholders in Malaysia chart the future of this important industry.

The MGBF and Bernama partnership has allowed high quality content to reach a large number of interested viewers at affordable prices making marketing budgets go further and communication effective.  For the last 5 years the Malaysia Global Business Forum has engaged with industry and leaders from across the globe in recent survey 83 percent of companies expressed the need to improve publicity but less than 20% felt that they had access to Television.

“The government’s aspiration of achieving its target of 200,000 international students by 2020”

As your industry grows your organisation and its leaders need to be seen at the cutting edge, leading innovation, addressing industry wide issues and contributing to society at large.  As part of the solution we need to bring awareness to the public and policy makers alike, this will improve your organisations brand and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Hosted, engaging and well researched content, in a high quality magazine format – MGBF Industry Reports are 30minute programs that will air on BERNAMA TV on weekdays at 11:00pm and later hosted on MGBF dedicated channel on YouTube, solves the cost vs reach problem for your organisation. Many companies are now taking the advantage of the benefits of television coupled with social media to achieve their communication goals.

“As part of the bigger picture the MGBF and the industry sectors that we help to develop are in line the country’s vision to become a developed nation by the year 2020”


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