Wow, what a taste of the great oceans our food was, as my new friends from Australia and I were treated to a sumptuous spread of tender ocean grouper at the DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur!


I love the Makan Kitchen, such a great way to indulge in the best Malaysian food groups.  Malay, Indian, Chinese and it is all freshly prepared and all in one spot!  I always think this is a great place to take visitors to Kuala Lumpur or to even just have a great family night out.  In our family we have all the three major ethnic groups so Makan Kitchen allows us to indulge ourselves with our favourites.

doubletreebyhiltonkl_makan-kitchen_giant-estuary-grouper-in-asam-pedas-kawah-styleMy husband is a great fish fancier and he was so disappointed it was me and not him sampling the giant grouper.  He was texting me from Indonesia asking about each dish and asking how my friends were enjoying this unexpected treat.

Here are my answers to him:

Darling, Bruce thinks this fish bone soup with the grouper Carpaccio is the culinary delight of his life!!!  He finished his so quickly and is now devouring mine because I was not quick enough off the mark starting.  So much for giving thanks to God before eating!!!  Now he is looking around for our server to get more ……. What to do, lah!

Yes next we are having congee, Bruce, get your hands away, this is mine!  Amazing taste in this congee, could spend the night just eating this but have to save myself for the next course.  Next time we come can we just come and eat congee???  You will love the dried oysters.

doubletreebyhiltonkl_makan-kitchen_fish-bone-soup-with-giant-estuary-grouper-carpaccioRoxanne is have trouble with the heat in the Assam Pedas Kawah style, calling for more water!!  I am not and Bruce is going back for seconds.  He can’t stop raving about the food.  He thinks this is the best restaurant he has been to in KL on all his visits here.

Must ask you, how to get lessons from a chef??? You will always want me to cook you the ginger and scallions with grouper.  So yummy, you are really missing out Mr. Naidu.

Roxy is loving the soy sauce steamed grouper, says it is her favourite of the night.  Bruce is still sticking with the Carpaccio and for me, it is the congee.

Yes, we can come here when you arrive back next week.

Yes, they still have the satay station and the tandoori.  Chef brought us some crispy duck to try as well, totally out of this world.  No, I did not eat too much and put on 4kgs!!!!!