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LONDONMay 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Colt Data Centre Services (DCS), the global data centre operator, today announced the launch of its latest data centre in Japan – Inzai 3, which upon completion in Q4 2020 will be the company’s largest data centre in the country.

The facility will be constructed within the Inzai campus forming the last data centre within the campus which will see the entire site of 30798sqm reach its build capacity. Inzai 3 will be a 27MW hyper-scale facility with 8,000 sqm of server space. The latest enhancements to the design of the facility will be to the data halls, which will now be 1,000sqm each in response to customer’s demand for larger data halls which allows for the optimisation of space efficiency and requirement for higher density compute. Inzai 3 will be built to 3.375kW per sqm.

The facility is designed to meet the growing demand the market is seeing which is primarily being driven by the hyper-scale Cloud Service Providers. Inzai 3 is the largest facility currently under construction in the global Colt DCS portfolio in the APAC region. The data centre will be based across four floors, eight 1000 sqm data halls, with a floor dedicated to storage, electrical and HVAC resources, as well as a mezzanine floor for offices and workspaces. 

“The expansion of the campus with Inzai 3 is a direct response to the regional demand for more cloud-based services. We are bringing more capacity online due to the customer success we are experiencing. We have a strong track record of designing and building hyper-scale data centres which has seen us become the most trusted and reliable provider in the market in delivering to the requirements that global cloud- service-providers need. The success of the Inzai campus means that it has become a location of choice for CSP’s in the region due to the location, network connectivity and dark fibre solutions which are all accessible from this site,” said Detlef Spang, CEO at Colt DCS.

Key features of Inzai 3

  • 27MW carrier-neutral data centre facility
  • 8,000m2 of white space
  • Located 32km from Tokyo
  • Higher density per sqm, 3.375

Inzai 3 will be the largest of the three facilities which sit within the campus. Inzai 1 which was completed in Jan 2011 as an 8.4MW facility with 4,000m2 of net white space and Inzai 2 a 15MW facility that was completed just 12 months ago.

Inzai 3 employs the latest in construction techniques to nullify the effects of any seismic activity in the region. The super structure will sit on a bed of springs capable of holding 125 tonnes per m2, isolating the whole building from any seismic and allowing it to move as one, rather than to sway. The result is a substantial reduction in the impact of any movement, protecting the building, customer hardware and staff on-site.

“If the launch of our Inzai 2 facility is anything to go by – where we sold out the capacity within nine months of completion, we are confident that the prelaunch of Inzai 3 will supersede the success in uptake of available capacity at this site prior to completion,” said Quy Nguyen, Vice President of Global Accounts and Solutions.

Colt DCS is unique in its ability to leverage highly-skilled, bi-lingual staff in-house to manage its facilities and support customers, rather than relying solely on external professionals.

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