Bases on latest press release, Superceed (M) Sdn Bhd has launched Homework, a novel item that supports work from domestic through Virtual Call Administration and Omnichannel Stage, empowers calls to be overseen by staff working from domestic. 

With Virtual Call Management, companies can manage calls virtually as though their staff are in the same office. Staff working from home can use Superceed’s softphone installed on laptop or PC to answer calls. Supervisors and managers can monitor calls in real-time and keep tabs of staff call activities. Supervisors can also spy, whisper or barge. Supervisors can listen to a call conversation, or whisper to an agent without the caller listening, or participate in a 3-party conference call to resolve a customer issue.

In terms of quality control, call recordings are available online for internal evaluation and scoring. Managers can also gain insights into the virtual call center performance by generating performance reports online. “All it takes for businesses to take work from home is a good internet connection and PC or laptop, and they can access feature-rich applications online.

The call management capabilities of Superceed are unmatched in the market. ”, says Mr Matthew Barsing, Chief Executive Officer of Superceed. With Superceed Omnichannel Platform, businesses can take customer interactions
to the next level. Superceed brings the power of omnichannel, coherence and flow into customer engagement. Businesses can receive and respond to customer issues via a single unified ticketing interface, easily relate a customer’s issue across multiple channels, and orchestrate customer issues seamlessly across your support

Priced between USD9 and USD40 per user per month, Superceed offers affordable on-demand work-from-home plans that every business has dreamed of using. Superceed is committed to bring the power of customer engagement solutions to multi-national corporations and SMEs alike. For more information and online purchase of Superceed work-from-home technologies, visit

As former Head of Foreign Direct Investment of MDeC, Matthew is confident of the prospect of Superceed in rejuvenating the contact center industry and helping SMEs make the leap into digital transformation. “The Superceed Omnichannel platform empowers business process outsourcing and shared services outsourcing companies  to operate on a lean model, making key shifts from CAPEX-based to OPEX-based model, and from headcount-based to value-based service delivery. In addition, Superceed is equally powerful to be used as an effective customer engagement tool for SMEs.”

Apart from work-from-home technologies, Chief Visionary Officer, Mr Jeffrey C. P. Tan shared further excitement on the prospect of adding Artificial Intelligence on top of the omnichannel platform: “As the leader of Emotion AI in Asia Pacific, Superceed has combined voice emotional intelligence, natural language understanding, facial emotional intelligence and predictive AI into a unified platform. This will bring Emotion AI to an unprecedented level of adoption in businesses.”

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are talking about massive transformation with Emotion AI. First, we consolidate interaction journey of customers across different interaction channels. Then, we track the emotional journey of customers with Emotion AI technologies. Next, we help businesses to monetize the emotional journey of customers. We provide AI tools that augment and automate customer engagement processes.”, he added.


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