Designing a unique employee experience requires following an employee over the course of their lifetime with a company, from the moment they file an application to their exit interview; i.e. “EMPLOYEE LIFE CYCLE” (ELC). The employee experience impacts the way an individual think, feels, performs & his performance impacts your Customer Experience. Hence building the “Right” Employee Experience is critical to deliver the desired Customer Experience. An enriching workplace experience is central to effective workforce management. Indeed, improved employee experience is directly related to increasing levels of engagement & the key outcomes that follows.

The goal is not to build a well-functioning, chronological experience for your employees. The goal is to design an ELC where engagement grows & thrives. From Voice of the Employee to Employee Journey Mapping, the most forward-thinking HR Directors are applying numerous methodologies to design a unique ELC for their employees & seeing amazing results.

Many HR events only cover certain portions of the employee lifecycle. HCBP 17’ (Human Capital Best Practices) is the 1st event in Malaysia to bring you concrete case studies on transforming the employee experience at each stage of ELC. An event designed to provide with open, interactive discussions on key HR & communication issues, challenges & opportunities. Dive deep into the topics that mean the most to you, benchmark best practices to overcome your biggest challenges, & gain practical & tactical advice from your peers. Learn how other HR leaders are designing, building, & maintaining an employee experience that attracts & retains top talent, & engages employees to deliver better customer experience.

On 26th September, HCBP 17’, will have International speakers & panelist from globally leading firms & renowned Malaysian VIPs sharing innovative ideas and insights through case-studies & research, which combined with dynamic, interactive panels & round-tables, providing the audience with all the right tools & information needed to on how to make your people strategy a success.

HCBP 17’, the ideal event to rub shoulders with Industry leaders & VIPs organized by Maslow Trainers & Consultants Sdn Bhd is a unique event designed not only to cater great content but is also designed to facilitate high level networking amongst 250 invited delegates comprising of leaders & HR professionals.

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