The Malaysia Global Business Forum will be organising a Rural Economic Development Roundtable and related site visit in Perak, Malaysia from the 12th & 13th of March, 2018.  The overall program will include a one day site visit to the Seberang Perak, Press Engagement, Roundtable Conference & Charrette to consolidate the overall findings and to identify the opportunities for CSR engagement into the rural economy.

Sustainable Rural Development is a real market opportunity, it has been targeted by the government as an engine of economic growth. Does your company know what is going on and where the best opportunities are?

The need to strengthen human capital, the need to improve infrastructure, access to increased levels of connectivity, access to development funds, management of weather and natural desasters are just a few of the challenges faced yet we know that in all developed countries rural economies are an integral component of a countries competitiveness.

That is why the MGBF is organising a series of roundtable programs so corporations can better understand the next level of opportunity by being on the ground with the people.  As a market entry strategy CSR is always seen as a positive.  Now the Malaysia Global Business Forum is assisting organisations make that CSR budget go further.

For individuals participates will learn from first-hand experience how corporations through CSR programs, industry – community partnership programs, business matching, effective social investment and community engagement projects can make a difference to both target communities and bottom line of the corporations.

Several awards will be presented to those organisations and individuals who have made significant contributions in this field. MGBF is seeking nominations from the corporate sector for those who have existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in Perak, especially those that have looked to improve the economic conditions of the rural communities.

A key output of the program will be to prepare a “Sustainable Rural Development Strategy Framework” to the Perak State Government and updates on the status of rural development.  The interactive “Charrette” session will allow the participating delegates and experts to identify innovative ways to increase sustainable development in the state.  The MGBF Advisory Group who will contributing time and resources on a pro-bono basis will consolidate and present the findings as a possible future for rural communities in the state. This approach will allow participant to not only learn but to contribute.

The program is jointly organised by Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit, which is the leading platform for young leaders looking to contribute to developing a sustainable future through the “People, Planet & Profit” approach.

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The “Energy Equation” has become more important in recent years when planning for rural development. Like other parts of the economy communities need energy to power the systems that will integrate them into the global economy.