Azrin Zizal Abdul Aziz
Offshore Finance Services Provider

Azrin Zizal Profile PhotoOperating a Private Fund Management company in Offshore Labuan gives this former lawyer a unique understanding of the international financial world. Graduated with a Bachelorette in Laws, he pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Syariah at the International Islamic University Malaysia. During his practice as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya, he was exposed to the fields of strategic investments, international business structures, corporate exercises as well as civil litigation. Moving on from Legal Practice, he became a Public Relations and Communications Adviser to many notable figures. His ability to understand complex situations and analyse for a feasible solution assists his task in managing people and conflict.

The offshore setup provides much demanded services which include legal and fiduciary services. Apart from that, he provides Trust Company services which has a client base from all over the Southeast Asia Region. Currently referred by Commerzbank AG as part of their International Wealth Management network in Southeast Asia, Mr Azrin Zizal channels high worth investments from the region into the European investment platforms, offering new dimensions to global business opportunities.

On the sidelines, he takes great interest in archaeology and history. Since 2014, he has been organising archaeological educational programs for secondary and tertiary students at the Sungai Batu Archaeological Complex, working closely with USM to help spread awareness of the historical findings there. He was also involved with many humanitarian missions under the Aman Malaysia banner including during the Acheh Tsunami, earthquake in Pakistan as well as during the Sidr typhoon floods in Bangladesh.

Mr Azrin Zizal sits as an Organizing Committee for the Malaysia Global Business Forum.

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