Torstein Dale Sjotveit is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Sarawak Energy Berhad,

Fully integrated utility company with, development, generation, transmission and distribution and Torstein Dale Sjotveitretail,serving 500 000 customers in Sarawak Borneo and having a very aggressive development program where we shall develop 5000 MW OF new sustainable hydro power during this decade, in addition we will develop a state wide transmission network to secure the integrity of such an advanced system. The company will invest around 5 to 6 bill USD over the next five six years to achieve this growth vision.

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Sarawak Energy is now being transformed into a major energy and utility player in Sarawak as well as in the region via the consolidation of the State power generation, transmission, the power and energy provider, spearheading the thrust as the State’s flagship energy and utility group,hence complementing the rapid development growth of Sarawak.

In line with the State Government’s plans to make Sarawak Energy Berhad a catalyst of growth, the utility is proceeding with the development of large hydropower projects to deliver bulk energy reliably at relatively low costs. Besides the federal funded 2,400MW Bakun hydroelectric project the construction of the 944MW hydro-power plant in Murum is already underway. Plans are in the offing to develop eight other power (7 hydro and 1 coal) plants in the near future


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