The Malaysia Global Business Forum together with Glenreagh takes on a select range of clients based on our expertise and experience. Learning from the experiences and knowledge base from our many events coupled with the ability to access decision makers in the public and private sectors is how we create value for our clients.


The Malaysia Global Business Forum offers a wide range of services to CEO’s and C-Level Executives as they look to expand their businesses into Malaysia and the ASEAN region. The services include the following:

  • Stakeholder Management & Engagement (Government & Private Sector)
  • Media Strategy & Roll-out
  • Crisis Management
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Arrangement of C-Level Meetings
  • Translation & Translator Services
  • Logistics Support including Body Guard & VIP Escort

Investor relations –One of the key goals of the Malaysia Global Business Forum is to facilitate investment between Malaysia and the world. Glenreagh often finds itself facilitating the dealings between project owners and investors.

Market Intelligence –is primarily for Multinational companies looking to enter the Malaysian and surrounding ASEAN Markets. Glenreagh has also conducted market research for Malaysian companies looking to expand market in both the Middle East and Europe.

Market Access and Market Development – have become a core strength of what Glenreagh offers to its clients. With a systematic approach focused on database development, arrangement of closed door meetings with decision makers and international industry association engagements, coupled with a keen understanding of how industry, government, NGOs and the media operate, make what Glenreagh has to offer vaulable.

Policy Development –Glenreagh has developed several white papers and assisted with the development of policies. Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit, with its stakeholder roundtables and workshops have contributed to policy development for the Youth sector.

Food Security – is one of the largest problems faced by the world today. Glenreagh has developed several flagships brands including the Sustainable Seed Banking Forum and the Malaysia Global Business Forum to address this issue regionally in Asia Pacific as well as globally. These efforts have contributed positively and assisted in charting the roadmap for the future.

Halal Industry Development – the Managing Director, Nordin Abdullah is seen as one of the leading experts on the Global Halal Industry and has been internationally featured in The New York Times, Asia Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, BBC, ABC, Gulf News and the International Herald Tribune for his work in this area.

Training – Glenreagh has developed focused training programs to complement the flagship events of Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit and the Malaysia Global Business Forum.  The Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit – youth leadership workshops are designed to give young leaders an understanding of the skill required to take on student leadership positions. The Malaysia Global Business Forum – Doing Business in Malaysia program is a customised program for companies looking to set up in Malaysia or for new executives to the country

Research & Consultancy Services During MGBF Meetings and Conferences 

During the Malaysia Global Business Forum Meetings & Conferences days “C-Suite Services” are focused on ensuring that those taking the VIP & C-Suite Packages meet with the VIP’s and decision makers of that event, usually in the following formats:

  • Closed Door Meetings
  • VIP Power Breakfasts, Lunches or Dinners
  • Off Site Meetings

Fees & Payment

*Special Prices for the Malaysia Australia Business Council, MICCI and Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce members


There are various sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to position themselves in the Malaysian business scene.  For Malaysian companies looking to expand in the ASEAN, Middle East or Europe there are options to sponsor the different trips which are often link to specific trade shows and conferences.  For those companies looking to sponsor a delegation please contact our team today (Contact Us)


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