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When your choice of colour is focused on strengthening and nourishing the feng shui element of the area you are decorating, this results in good feng shui energy.

Some weeks back, we brought you a story announcing Nippon Paint Malaysia Group’s (“Nippon Paint”) first-of-its-kind strategic collaboration with renowned feng shui Consultant, Speaker and Author Dato’ Joey Yap, aimed at inspiring homeowners to take charge of the wellness of their homes with easy-to-follow feng shui ideas and inspirations.

The first Nippon Paint and Dato’ Joey Yap collaborative video was released on 1 January 2019, which unveils simple strategies to attract the energy of Wealth and Good Fortune into homes. In addition to the six videos, Nippon Paint and Dato’ Joey Yap have released the Prosperity and Success Guide in 2019 with tips on attracting positive Qi and makeover ideas for the home. The hardcopies of the guide are available at selected Nippon Paint’s dealer outlets nationwide, while the six videos and e-guide are available on Nippon Paint’s website at

Since our team was really interested in this collaboration, and Feng Shui in general, especially for the property sector, we decided to visit both Dato’ Joey Yap and Gladys Goh, the Group General Manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group to expand on our questions.

Ms. Gladys Goh – Group General Manager of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Dato’ Joey Yap to help homeowners focus on bringing in positive Qi into their homes for the new year”.

What are some of the new shades introduced by Nippon Paint in 2019?

As Asia’s leading Total Coatings Solution provider, Nippon Paint has taken the role in driving colour innovation by developing a regional Asian colour palette by Asian professionals in its Trend Beyond Colours initiative. This resulted in the launch of the Trend Beyond Colours 2018/19 (‘TBC 2018/19’), a series of Asian colour and trend forecast derived by Asian design professionals, colour influencers and enthusiasts.

Developed through integrated working groups with professionals from the region, the palette dives deep into elements such as economy, society, culture, technology and business to identify and decipher the socio-economic, lifestyle and technological trends that will shape the outlook for surfaces and colours.

We work with a panel of Asian professionals on a biennial basis to identify and decipher the socio-economic, lifestyle and technological trends that will shape the outlook for surfaces and colours. For Trend Beyond Colours 2018/19, there are six powerful influences that form the basis of the trend stories; Changing Spaces, Humanised Tech, Time Alone, Life on The Edge, Water World and Full Immersion.

Four richly crafted paint themes emerged; Transient Glow, Conscious Being, Essential Balance, Seeking Adventure with eight colours each theme:

Seeking Adventure / Essential Balance / Transient Glow / Conscious Being


Why has such a colour palette been selected?

Transient Glow







“Transient Glow” was curated to create a dreamlike, surreal yet elegant and spirited environment. The colour set consists of Grape Freeze (mauve), Latin Dance (plum), Metallic Peony Pink (metallic pink), Pink Balloon (lavender-pink), Gossamer White (off white), Winning Streak (sky blue), Aqua Glass (mint) and Yellow Pendant (yellow).


Conscious Being







“Conscious Being” was curated to create a futuristic atmosphere to reflect the digitalised world we live in today. The set encompasses eight colours – dark blue-green (Ebony Blue), Olive Green (metallic olive-green), Metallic Iron Ore (metallic silver), Electrify (royal blue), Blessed Purple (mauve), So Orange (orange), Remembrance (white-grey) and Black Magic (black).


Essential Balance







“Essential Balance” was put together to suit those who are pursuing minimalist, natural and tranquil lifestyles. Its colour set comprises of Spoonbread (beige), Trojan Gray (earthy gray), Bed Time Stories (light gray), Mountain Haze (earthy-pink), Tempest Brown (pinkish brown), Harrison Gray (brownish-gray), Abacadabra (brownish white) and Drifting Cloud (pinkish white).


Seeking Adventure







“Seeking Adventure” carry a theme of natural, rugged, thrilling and extreme fearlessness. The colour set consists of Knockout Red (bright red), Coral Expression (coral), Harbour (teal), Ultra Blue (Prussian blue), Memories (cornflower blue), Flint Black (greenish-black) and Green Shoot (lime green).


How can colour change or improve the vibe in one’s home or office space?

Colours play a significant role in our lives, especially when it comes to our surroundings. There are different interpretations of the various shades of colours and they also add beauty, enhance spaces, and improve our moods.

Through our strategic partnership with Dato’ Joey Yap, we have released the Prosperity and Success Guide 2019 and a series of six videos on attracting positive Qi and makeover ideas for the home.  We also aim to educate homeowners on easy ways to bring about positive Qi into their homes through colours and good feng shui practices throughout the year. In the process, we hope to encourage them to be adventurous and explore vibrant colours that can create a different ambience.

If the customers are unsure as to which colours to go for, here are some colours I suggest they start with:


Blue is known to be a calming shade that creates a peaceful environment for the space. however, too much shade of blue does induce feelings of sadness. To neutralise the overall effect, perhaps try pairing the blue walls with a contrasting colour such as yellow.


Yellow is often associated with feelings of happiness and it helps to promote a sense of motivation in us. Softer, pastel yellows aid concentration whilst more vibrant shades of yellow helps with memory retention.


When we think of the colour green, we naturally feel at peace. This is because the shade has a soothing impact on us, and also promotes our reading speed and comprehension – which is why green is a colour often used for spaces such as study rooms.


Orange is a bright shade of colour that has been known to enhance our communication and social skills. The tip here is that orange walls should only be used as an accent wall, complemented with other neutral colours.


Pink is no longer just a colour for girls. The shade has become a universal colour and has dissolved all gender boundaries that existed before. The colour is associated with passion and works best in a space that require a softer hue to tone down solid surfaces. Used correctly, Pink will give you an interior that is both chic and current.


What are some of Nippon Paint’s newest offerings? Please explain some of these products and its respective application?

At Nippon Paint, we ceaselessly strive for innovation in order move ahead and be the progressive Coatings Expert with a range of holistic offerings. Some of the key offerings by Nippon Paint include:

Gold Paint

Nippon Paint’s Gold Paint is one of our latest selections that is low odour and water-based acrylic paint, suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces and is applicable to surfaces made of concrete, plaster, wood and metal. It provides an even distribution of metallic pigment across various surfaces and has a super lasting gold finish – just perfect to use for the Chinese New Year celebrations!


Child Wellness Range

We introduced Malaysia’s first Child Wellness Range – a series of functional coatings that focus on enabling clean air, safe touch and creativity amongst young children – back in 2017. This range of paint solutions are water-based, lead and mercury free with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) as well as Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) emissions, which is safe for the environment as well as indoor spaces.

The Child Wellness Range equipped with specific technologies targeted to provide safer indoor environment for children throughout key stages of their lives, namely at infant, toddler and pre-school stage. Active Carbon Technology is designed to absorb formaldehyde from the air and refreshes the air, best for infants who spend most time indoors.

Silver Ion Technology promotes safe touch which mitigates the growth of viruses and bacteria from spreading through walls – most suitable for toddlers whom are at the stage where they are learning how to walk and are constantly curious about their surroundings! The Anti-Stain Technology promotes superior washability and gives parents a fuss-free time when cleaning the walls at home, ideal for children whom are at the pre-school stage and are bound to express their creativity on (most) surfaces!


Waterproofing Solutions

We know that water seepage and leakage are some of the biggest problems that homeowners face, especially during the unpredictable rainy season that Malaysia faces. With this in mind, Nippon Paint has developed a series of durable various waterproofing solutions to protect and prevent unwanted breach of water.


Painting Tools

From floors to roofs and everything in between, we provide an extensive range of coating solutions for all types of surfaces – both indoor and outdoor, including a wide range of painting tools and accessories which provides users with a seamless painting experience.

We take pride in the fact that Nippon Paint has always placed a strong emphasis in R&D as we continue to expand our range of offerings to bring smiles to the faces of our consumers and so as to ensure that their needs are met.


How does the Colour Scheme Professional Service by Nippon Paint work?

In the paint industry, trends are always changing and we want to modernise the way we improve the overall customer service experience. As innovation is key to us and we have also transitioned to the digital space, we created the Colour Scheme Professional Service to provide expert advice on recommended colour schemes and inspiration for the customers’ home according to their preference.

To get started, all they need to go is subscribe to the various packages that are offered through the service and snap and upload a picture of the identified space. From there, they will be recommended the best colour scheme package for consideration.

To learn more about this service and how it works, our customers can check out


Dato’ Joey Yap – Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker and Author

“The practice of feng shui is often perceived as a tricky concept for many to grasp. However, through this collaboration with Nippon Paint, we want to demonstrate that feng shui doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, an easy way to kick start the process is by understanding simple concepts and taking simple steps to turn potential negative vibes into positive ones”.


What are the predictions for the property sector that could take place this year?

Although property developers will find it sluggish due to the interactions of the elements for the year, those who are innovative or focus on very niche areas, still hold the potential to strive ahead while their competitors struggle.

For the average property investor, it is best to take a slightly longer view – rather than run for the hills. Those with cash will find they are able to negotiate attractive deals with developers who will roll out the red carpet to welcome prospective buyers. In areas that may have seemed out of reach before, you will also find sellers more open to finding a win-win situation.


How can one up the positives and reduce the negatives this year? Is it generally a good year ahead?

It is generally going to be a challenging year ahead for Malaysians overall, but whether the market is good or bad, there will always be people making money. And the way to do that this year is to constantly look at ways to innovate and not be afraid to disrupt the existing status quo. Those who can do this in the current economic situation stand to be market leaders when the situation turns around.


What are some of the simple steps that one should take to improve one’s luck and destiny and reduce challenges?

We have always advised clients to use Feng Shui in this respect – it’s what we have done for ourselves and our clients over the last 23 years. We recommend that they use the positive areas for the year to create opportunities and this includes the Northwest, West and East sectors where the positive stars are located. Although this doesn’t mean that you will strike the lottery, you will still need to work hard at converting these opportunities into money.

I have been blessed to be able to work with many tycoons and call them my friends.  None of them have ever gotten rich by striking the lottery – not a single one. They have always taken calculated risks and often going gone against naysayers and worked hard at the opportunities presented – but with good Feng Shui, you will get more of the opportunities presented to you.

Avoid the Southwest sector for the year where possible though, as this is where the negative star resides.


Which zodiac animal will find 2019 a challenging year and what are some tips for them to make the year a smoother one?

The Ox is regarded to have the most challenging time for the year – but keep in mind that there are not one but FOUR animal signs in your chart. You can plot your chart at and understand this better.


Which zodiac animal will find 2019 a great year?

There is actually more than one – Dragon, Tiger, Horse and Monkey animal signs all have the potential to have a great year ahead.

After conducting these interviews, it came to our understanding that in feng shui, each colour is considered to be an expression of one of the five feng shui elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of these five elements “governs” a specific area of your home. Therefore, when your choice of colour is focused on strengthening and nourishing the feng shui element of the area you are decorating, this results in good feng shui energy.

We believe that this collaboration between Nippon Paint and Dato’ Joey Yap would certainly benefit property owners and soon to be owners who are willing to listen. For your benefit, we have also included all six of the short videos that were recently released to guide you through the many aspects of your 2019 year.

The God Of Wealth 

2019 Success Awaits You

The Relationships that Prosper

Your Health is Important 

The Nobleman Luck 

Activating the Good Feng Shui in You


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