On November 14, WeChat Pay was revealed as the people’s choice for the Harnessing the Winds of Change Award at the London Business School Real Innovation Awards 2019. Since its launch in 2013, WeChat Pay has swiftly become the undoubted leader in China’s mobile payment industry. In 2019, WeChat Pay’s payment transactions exceeded one billion times per day, and its cross-border payment business has officially entered more than 60 overseas countries and regions, making it an excellent way for global merchants to quickly and effectively connect with Chinese tourists.

“WeChat Pay harnesses the drive of China’s thriving digital economy, transforming not only the convenience of the online payment experience, but also by optimising in-person payment scenarios,” explained WeChat Pay Senior Director Dave Fan. “We will continue working with our global partners to extend our convenient payment experience overseas, so that global businesses may share the dividends of China’s growing outbound travel market, and we will endeavour to contribute even more to the innovation of the global payment industry.”

The people’s choice winner was chosen via public ballot, demonstrating the wide recognition of WeChat Pay’s innovations in the payment industry. Originally a social app, WeChat garnered a massive user base through continuously improving and optimising its features, enabling people to send voice, image and video messages and connect with friends. Building on this consumer-centricity, WeChat Pay has gradually penetrated every aspect of people’s lives, connecting users with businesses via WeChat Mini Programs, WeChat Coupons, and a range of other functions both online and offline. Users can enjoy convenient services whenever they need, and even use facial recognition to pay from their WeChat account when they forget to bring their mobile phone, while merchants can improve their management efficiency and discover new possibilities for delivering innovative services.


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