digital tunnelTan Sri Dato’ Seri Rafidah binti Aziz agreed to attend as the speaker for the Fireside Chat

Is your business part of a critical supply chain? Are you a stakeholder within a critical value chain ecosystem?

The recent global pandemic has fast-forwarded change, which has opened considerable opportunities for businesses to make a profit; at the same time, the potential for crisis has also increased. The reality is that the evolving threat matrix of the digital economy is the convergence of many factors.

MGBF-Tan Sri Dato' Sri Rafidah Aziz-Security Concerns in Critical Value Chains

The factors include cyber security, data management, weaponised information in the media, external attacks on supply chains, and rapid political and policy changes. The current Ukraine-Russia conflict has highlighted the interconnectedness of global businesses and how easy it is to disrupt business as usual.

The threat matrix has evolved. The frontline is at the confluence of information warfare, corporate espionage, cyberspace incursions, weather and climate change, social media, algorithms, big data, and geopolitical instability, just to name a few. Business leaders within complex global supply chains need to be aware of these threats and if they wish to survive, must be prepared to manage these challenges.



MGBF Security Concerns in Critical Value ChainsIf you hold the following job functions in government agencies and corporations, joining this exclusive roundtable will benefit you and your organisation’s critical value chain:

  • Policy-makers involved in critical supply chains
  • Regulators involved in securing critical supply chains and production
  • Enforcement agencies related to production and economic output 
  • Research Institutes and Think Tanks
  • CEOs and C-suites
  • Heads of Strategy and Development
  • Heads of Human Resource
  • Heads of Digital and Information Technology
  • Heads of Communications

MGBF-YB Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi-Security Concerns in Critical Value Chains



Event objectives 

  • To address the paradigm shift seen in the business ecosystem to bring all stakeholders together to design a sustainable future for the people, planet and profit post-COVID-19.

  • To address security concerns in critical value chains to ensure that the objectives of the Malaysian government including the delivery of various master plans and the Malaysia Plans (RMK) are met.
  • The Malaysian corporate sector has access to key decision-makers and continues to receive up-to-date information from government stakeholders and foreign investors.
  • To promote Malaysia as an investment destination for those in the digital and physical economy, which will further expand the trade and business opportunities emanating from Malaysia.
  • To understand potential gaps and threats that are faced by all stakeholders so that feasible solutions based on available resources can be designed and implemented.


MGBF-Francis Koh -Security Concerns in Critical Value ChainsCritical questions we will confront during the discussion that will enable better-informed decisions are:

  • How to cascade effective strategy and policy into actionable projects within a critical value chain.
  • The interconnectedness of strategy and policy, and how to tackle the gaps in organisational frameworks that could lead to a crisis.
  • How to recover from a crisis that impacts physical and digital infrastructure that then plays out in the media and social media. 
  • Addressing the opportunity cost of inaction or lack of investment into physical and digital infrastructure.
  • Addressing the vulnerability of critical physical and digital infrastructure, especially in a post-COVID-19 era.


Join us in this exclusive roundtable as we discuss ways to address security concerns in critical value chains and how business leaders can mitigate the threats that could lead to a crisis.


8:30am Networking breakfast with delegates and speakers

*For paying delegates and speakers

10:00am Registration
10:30am Opening Session

Welcoming Remarks: “Designing Future Proof and Crisis Resilient Critical Value Chains” by Nordin Abdullah, Founding Chairman, Malaysia Global Business Forum

Opening Speech: “Critical Control Points in Digital and Physical Infrastructures” by Murugason R. Thangaratnam, Executive Chairman, Novem CS Sdn Bhd.

Special Address: “Integrating Cyber-Physical Systems in the Public-Private Paradigm” by Col Ts. Sazali bin Sukardi, Senior Vice President, Strategic Research Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia

11:15am  “Addressing Disruption in Supply Chains”

The complex relationships between corporations, governments, non-government organisations, academia and the media have fundamentally changed the face of global supply chains. Critical value chains are extremely susceptible to disruption and as such the creation of sustainable and thriving economies, improving gaps between stakeholders, and staying close to the social development agenda have become the new face of business. The question remains: how will all stakeholders in this equation work together for a profitable and sustainable future? 


  • YB Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi, Chairman, Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA)
  • ACP Sarifudin Bin Mohd Salleh, Head of Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department
  • Francis Koh, Head Career Development, Digital Nasional Berhad
  • M Umapathy Sivan, Former CIO of Telekom and Senior Advisor to Novem CS

Moderated by: Ruzanna Muhammad, Editor-at-Large, News Hub Asia

Format: Panel Session

12:15pm Networking Break
12:30pm “Maintaining Strategic Interests in Critical Value Chains”

How do nations compete? International trade and investment agreements both bilateral and multilateral have created a complex multi-layered framework that is difficult to understand at the best of times. What does the future hold for investors in Malaysia’s economy, and can the country remain competitive in the context of productivity and relative cost of doing business? What do the public and private sectors have to do to maintain strategic interests in critical value chains? 

Speakers and topic to be introduced by Rizal Kamaruzzaman, Deputy Chairman of Malaysia Global Business Forum and Executive Director of Tindakan Strategi Sdn Bhd

Speaker: Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Rafidah binti Aziz, Former Minister of International Trade & Industry
Moderated by: Shafizan Johari, Lead Editor/Forward Planning Editor, Astro Awani

Format: Fireside Chat

1:15pm Lunch

*For paying delegates and speakers only

1:15pm Press Conference

*Subject to Minister’s availability

2:00pm Event Ends


Details of the roundtable are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Time: 10:30am – 2:00pm
Venue: Ballroom 2, LG Level, Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Fee:  VIP Delegates – RM1,480 per pax  
  Corporate – RM980 per pax
Government / Think Tanks / Academia
Trade & Business Associations – RM680 per pax


MGBF Security Concerns in Critical Value ChainsAll findings, comments and resolutions from this exclusive roundtable discussion will be submitted in a report to the relevant ministries to drive the agenda forward. Opinions and suggestions used will be on an anonymous basis or with the expressed permission of the participant.

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