This image is a poster for an event to be organised by the Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) on 23 February this year. In this poster is a man wearing a Virtual Reality glasses and pointing at a graphic of a shield and a network of the human icon to depict cyber security in a digital economy. In the middle is a financial vertical bar graph in turquoise showing an upward trend. The images are all set against a background that is a blend of the colours black, purple, fuschia pink and turquoise. On the top right corner is the website Near the bottom and aligned centre is the title of the event, 'Designing the Future of the Digital Economy'. Underneath that are the words: “A part of MGBF Exclusive Roundtable Series: ‘The Evolving Threat Matrix in the Digital Economy’’’. Beneath it are the event details which says, Thursday, 23 February 2023 | 9:00am to 5:30pm | Kuala Lumpur.

Governments and corporations are in a digital arms race; it is just that many do not realise it. A new breed of mercenaries looking to exploit gaps in cyber security coupled with weaponised communications designed to bring companies to their knees is just the starting point of this discussion.

Having digital arms, in this case, is not enough. The government and organisations need leaders who understand how to use these assets within the new rapidly evolving strategic landscape. The question is how are businesses and the government charting our way out of such a challenging operational environment? How does the future of the digital economy look?

The upcoming roundtable is named Designing the Future of the Digital Economy’, which will feature four interactive panel sessions and high-level speakers who will address these questions.


Date:                   Thursday, 23 February 2023

Time:                  09:00am – 05:30pm

Venue:                Element Kuala Lumpur

Dress Code:       Business Attire



8:00am Registration
09:00am Opening Session

  • MGBF Video Playback: “The Evolution of Threats to the Business Ecosystem in the Digital Economy”
  • MGBF’s Welcome Remarks
  • Special Address
  • Minister’s Keynote Address
  • Presentation of the Report titled “The Digital Economy, Post-Pandemic” to the Minister
  • Photo Opportunity with MGBF Advisory Group Members
10:05am Networking Break and Press Conference
10:30am  Industry Leader’s Speech: “The Digital Threat Matrix and Reputation Management”
11:00am Panel Session: “The Corporate Nexus and The Total Media Ecosystem”

We have seen too often that a corporate leader has been able to effectively handle a crisis in terms of “fixing the problems” but ultimately has been seen as ineffective as they have not managed the media and social media fallout correctly. This is especially apparent in public listed companies and government-linked corporations. C-Suites must now operate in the vortex-like ecosystem that is dynamic global supply chains that often come under the scrutiny of the public and media alike.

12:00pm Panel Session: “Addressing Cyber Threats to Develop an Investor-Friendly Country”

The concept of sovereign risk was once limited to geographical and political concerns faced in a given jurisdiction. Businesses have evolved, and so too the threat matrix. It now includes the need to actively manage the cyberspace in which businesses and their supply chains operate. An inability to manage these threats will increase sovereign risk and reduce the investment attractiveness of a country, state, or city.

01:00pm Lunch
02:00pm Industry Leader’s Speech: “Understanding Strategic Elements of the Dragonbridge Influence Campaign”
02:30pm Panel Session: “Strategic Opportunities in the Data-Driven Digital Economy”

The newly minted government administration in Malaysia has boldly stated that it will aggressively shift Malaysia into the global digital economy, bringing with it high-paying jobs and business opportunities that will reinvigorate the Malaysian economy. There are, however, considerable gaps to address in the policy, regulatory, infrastructure and human capital realities. These gaps represent the low-hanging opportunities for entrepreneurs and knowledge workers.

03:30pm Industry Leader’s Speech: “Title TBC”
04:00pm Panel Session: “The Digital Economy and Building an Equitable Future”

The promise of growth and investment will mean nothing if it does not contribute to the equitable future of every citizen in the country. What does this mean for government expenditure and strategic planning? How will the corporate sector contribute through community development projects and job creation?

05:00pm Closing Ceremony
05:30pm Event Ends



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