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Aquaculture Projects – Northern Corridor (NCER)


Aquaculture Projects – Northern Corridor (NCER)

Objectives of the first phase of the Northern Corridor (NCER) or Koridor Utara’s was development that would accelerate economic growth by developing key thrust areas, addressing socio-economic imbalances, raising the capacity for […]

Aquaculture Projects – Northern Corridor (NCER)2016-01-05T11:19:30+08:00

Supply Chain & Investment into Food Production


South Australian Food Delegation

The three mega global trends of population growth, demand created by the economic shift of Millions out of poverty and the volatility of the environment have set the stage for a new era in global food security. This is […]

Supply Chain & Investment into Food Production2017-06-14T12:23:47+08:00
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