Company Name: PJPE Co., Ltd.

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Contact Person: Mr. Pat Sirisakwattana

Contact Number: +6681-829-0022

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PJPE Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of skincare products which heal imperfections in different parts of a body. The first product was launched into a market in 2015. The product focused on solving excess fat which is the top problems for women. Accordingly, we studied, researched, and experimented with ourselves and a sample group of people. Developing into the first product that sells in the market, MANAMI BODY FIRMING CREAM, an excess fat eliminating shaping cream under MANAMI brand. Feedbacks from consumers toward MANAMI BODY FIRMING CREAM are outstanding. They believe, trust and continuously purchase our product. Thus, our company developed other products aiming to solve imperfections in each parts of a body. Natural ingredients are mainly used in our products and considers consumer’s safety as priority. To forward satisfactory value with sincere giving the maximum benefits to consumers.


  1. Manami Body Firming Cream (Slimming Cream)
  2. Manami Stretch Mark Protection (Stretch Mark Protect & Remove Cream)
  3. Nim Anong Soap (Facial Soap Anti-Acne & Whitening Formula)

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