Recognising responsible developers and promoting inclusive home ownership

PUTRAJAYA, 15 September 2017 — The Malaysian Property Press Awards (MPPA) 2016/2017 — an annual awards ceremony by strategic property content provider, Terra Value Sdn Bhd, which recognises the outstanding achievements of participants […]


Crisis Management – Social Seeding & Your Brand’s Survival

It’s a familiar scenario, you are developing a brand and it has grown to become a market leader and all of a sudden your brand and your company are hit by a crisis.  It started with a single consumer who was upset or disappointed for any given reason, that person […]

Crisis Management – Social Seeding & Your Brand’s Survival2017-08-16T13:40:22+08:00

C-Level Strategy Retreat

Where a Corporate Retreat is held is just as important as to the overall objectives of the retreat or workshop. So before we start work on the details, imagine what you could achieve if your next brainstorming session was in a 260 Million year old hot spring surrounded by limestone […]

C-Level Strategy Retreat2017-06-28T16:14:14+08:00

South Australia’s SEA Engagement Strategy

South Australian Food Delegation

imageMinister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith met with executive committee members of the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) in Kuala Lumpur today as part of his week-long visit to […]

South Australia’s SEA Engagement Strategy2017-03-15T17:49:48+08:00

Expensive to Insure: Great to Drive!!!


These are the ten most costly cars to insure annually, according to Worthly.

Sometimes the least expensive part of the horse is the horse and like their hoofed predecessors, cars are plagued by bills far beyond the […]

Expensive to Insure: Great to Drive!!!2016-03-07T18:02:18+08:00

SME Strategy In Motion

The statistics are clear, small and medium sized enterprises or SME’s make a huge percentage of the economy and account for large amounts of employment and more importunately employment growth in most developed countries, Malaysia is no different.

Business Matching in DubaiThe government […]

SME Strategy In Motion2016-07-08T22:12:44+08:00

The Weekend Trip: Penang

Penang Malaysia Global Business ForumPenang is one of the most vibrant and business friendly parts of Malaysia, historically known as the Pearl of the Orient, founded by Captain Francis Light in 1786, Penang Island was the first British crown colony in […]

The Weekend Trip: Penang2016-01-03T20:45:24+08:00

Is the Sphere of Influence Turning?

According to the latest brief of Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) the tension between China and its neighbors is growing. Vietnam and Philippines report of growing number of harassment of innocent fishermen by Chinese Coast Guard vessels. The concerns lead to further cooperation between the countries of South China Sea. […]

Is the Sphere of Influence Turning?2015-11-06T16:17:42+08:00

Supply Chain & Investment into Food Production


South Australian Food Delegation

The three mega global trends of population growth, demand created by the economic shift of Millions out of poverty and the volatility of the environment have set the stage for a new era in global food security. This is […]

Supply Chain & Investment into Food Production2017-06-14T12:23:47+08:00
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