Designing the Future of the Digital Economy

The Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) recently held a high-level roundtable themed ‘Designing the Future of the Digital Economy’, which was attended by industry leaders and business associations. The guest of honour was The Honourable Syerleena Abdul Rashid who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bukit Bendera political […]

MGBF: Advisory Group Meeting – Digital Economy

The MGBF hosted a structured discussion with some of our Special Advisory Group members in an informal setting at the MST Golf Arena at The Gardens. The discussion was held ahead of the upcoming MGBF roundtable on “Designing the Future of the Digital Economy”. Salient points covered were: 1. The […]
security concerns in critical value chains


The threat matrix has evolved. The frontline is at the confluence of information warfare, corporate espionage, cyberspace incursions, weather and climate change, social media, algorithms, big data, and geopolitical instability, just to name a few. Business leaders within complex global supply chains need to be aware of these threats and […]
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Corporations are in a digital arms race; it is just that many do not realise it. A new breed of mercenaries is looking to exploit gaps in cybersecurity and digital frameworks. This coupled with weaponised communications designed to bring companies to their knees, organisations now need leaders who understand the new rapidly evolving […]
A Working Lunch with Nordin featuring Matt Friedman

A Working Lunch with Nordin Featuring Matt Friedman

Every four seconds, another person enters a human trafficking situation somewhere in the world. It is estimated that there are over 40 million people in modern-day slavery today – more than any other time in history. Joining us this week is Matthew Friedman a global resource and expert in this […]
A Working Lunch with Nordin featuring Dr Kavitha Muthy

A Working Lunch with Nordin Featuring Dr Kavitha Muthy

This week we are exploring a critical area of concern for media practitioners with Dr Kavitha Muthy on the topic, “Digital Safety for Journalist: Combating the rising threats” We will begin the discussion by understanding the types of cyber threats that can impact a journalist in general and then look […]
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