The recent COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a lot of businesses off track with the unexpected SOPs, and in the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, businesses have to work closely with the government to ensure smooth daily operations during the time of crisis. Government relations is a series of connections that broadly influence all areas of governance as it relates to public policy, programmes and a government’s budgetary priorities. The question is how do you want Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) to empower your business?

Government RelationsThe team at MGBF can assist your team with government relations and correlated areas of concern. Related services include:

  • Stakeholder strategy development
  • Stakeholder mapping and identification (public and private sectors)
  • Issues analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Regulatory management
  • Daily issues monitoring and reporting
  • Parliamentary proceeding monitoring
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Issues management
  • Project implementation

The overall role of government relations remains to improve public policy and effectively communicate with governments, organisations and the public. At MGBF, we recognise how the development of policies will provide a framework for governance, identify and treat risk with defining compliance. As an individual in a critical situation, how do you want MGBF to assist your business with some of these challenges?

Our clients, who face critical issues at critical times, require a combination of financial, technical, business and industry experience. We at MGBF provides comprehensive strategic advice and results-focused solutions to solve clients’ problems so they can focus on their core business. As a business leader, how do you want MGBF to assist you with the possibilities of improving the situation with regulators and policy-makers? 

Globally, businesses must proactively and regularly engage with the government even though many people find that dealing with the government is not always easy and consider government officials not always very well-versed in the economics of their industries.

“A variety of government actions affect companies value, respondents in every country select passing laws and enforcing regulations far more often than other actions as having an effect.”

Studies have shown that government activities have great effects on companies’ economic values. As a decision-maker, how do you want MGBF to reduce your team’s stress and take advantage of some of these opportunities?

If you’re thinking about some of these questions, speak with us now.


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